Top 5 Ways To Save Money To Buy A Car.

 How to save money to buy a car...

3AU9N8CFJZFX And I know just how frustrated you are, when you need to get somewhere real fast and there is no one around to give you a ride. Or you are trying to get to work, and it takes you 2 hours just to get there, and that is when the Buses are running on schedule. Or you are trying to go to Church to join up with your family in the Lord, just so they could pray with you for a car, and you can't even get there.

And you are so so tired of this lifestyle, and since you don't own any donkeys or horses, then you have to get to that place that is 30 miles away. So today I am going to share with the very best top 5 ways designed just for you, so you can get the car that you need and then want:

First top way to save money to buy a car: Start A Savings Account.
Yes I know that this is way too basic for you. But dear friend, please remember that in life, it always the basics that are the easiest to do and work perfectly. So start to put a little something away today, in a little piggy bank every time you get your hands on a little cash. Or in a CD ( Certificate Of Deposit ) at your bank that will penalized if you withdraw any monies before a certain time. So do start savings by any means necessary and you will see that it adds up to a couple of thousands in no time. Just save by giving some money to a family member every week to hold for you, and anything that will keep the money away from you so it could grow.

 How to save for a car..

Second way to get a car: Start building your credit.
If you don't want to wait to have enough cash to buy a nice decent used car, ( Which you should because you will not be a slave to anybody ) then start working on your credit, by getting a couple of secured credit cards where you put money at a bank and they issue you a credit card that covers that amount. And you can also start paying off any little credit card debt you might have, since your credit score is partly based on debt to income ratio. And when the balance is real low, this will push up your credit scores greatly. But whatever you do, don't kill yourself trying to pay off a debt that has already gone Super Bad. Because you paying it off, for the purpose of buying a car, will not help your credit score. When you pay off or pay down a debt that is active where you're not behind, is the best thing.

How To Save Money To Buy A Car... And the third way to do this: Sell Some Stuff.
I know you have a lot of little things that you do not need anymore. And they could be: Old Jordan Snickers, Old DVD player, old gold chain, old watch, old computer, etc. And I am sure you have friends who are asking you to borrow your stuff, so offer to sell it to them. Or if they have stuff they do not want anymore, ask them for it and then put it up for sale anywhere you can. All because the goal is for you to raise money to get that great car.
Fourth easy step to take: Do Extra Jobs.

4th. Way to save money: Offer up your services to the neighbors by helping them to clean out garages. Or if you're handy, offer to fix up badly needed items for them. Or you can cut grasses, or you can do a week-end car wash, or you can do bake sales, or you could start a blog or a page on a social network and sell your art work, your graphic design, or your pet sitting services, or you can create hand made jewelry etc. It is all in your head and determination as to what you do with your extra time, to come up with cash.

 How to buy a car..

Fifth way to save money to buy a car: Use Income Tax Return.
Every year you work so hard, and the Government takes so much of your money. And during tax time, they give you a chance to get some of that money back. And this is your moment to use that to get that great car, and add that on top of the money that you have already saved then you are ready. Also you can use some of that money to pay for car insurance, tags, and gasoline. So just fill out your income tax as soon as possible, and then sign up for direct deposit and have the IRS deposits your income tax return. But please no matter what you do, Do Not Get one those instant tax return payments. Because they are loans given to you on your tax refund, and this is the time when you need every single penny to buy that great car. 

How to save money to buy a car?. Think of it like this dear reader: What if you owed the Mafia $50,000 and they said to you that if you do not pay them within 30 days, they would kill you and everyone else around you?. I can guarantee you that you would forcefully activate your brain cells, on where and how to come up with that kind of money. And I am not talking about doing something illegal, no I am talking about being creative in applying for a grant, or asking for donations, or being part of experiments etc. So yes you can save money to buy a car, if you really want to. 

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