Top 3 Steps To Shop For And Buy The Best Car.

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I Need A Car... Is what you scream to yourself and to anyone who is nearby. Because you are so tired of asking people for a ride, and then having to lower yourself just because  you need a favor. Also the Buses do not seem to ever run on schedule, and even when you do get on the bus you have to deal with all kinds of personalities, and not to mention the overcrowding, as well as the different smells. So you have finally got your hands on some money, and you are ready to shop for and buy the very best car for you. So today I intend to share with you the top 3 steps to get your car.

First step to take to stop saying I need a car: Look For Deals.
Since you have been without and have waited so long for a car, then I am sure you can go a few more days and even a week to do your homework. The first place to look at for the best car for you is Auction Houses. Just do a search Online for “Car Auctions” in your local area, and you will have plenty of those Online and Offline, so all you have to do is attend a couple of them just to see what kind of cars they have, as well how to place your bid and when to get in or get out. Also you want to browse your newspaper ads to see what is for sale and what is in your budget, and then go to a couple of  Used Car Places to only look. Because you want to see a few different choices of cars with different set-up, and you want to see them running with different repair needs. Also do make some calls to private sellers for used cars, as they are who will  usually give you the best deals on a car sale.

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Second step to getting the best car deal: Negotiate With Cash.
Negotiate, negotiate and negotiate if you have cash in hand. And you already know that Cash Money Talks and everything else... So that will put you in a position of strength, and people will bend over backwards to get your business. Now what you have to do is look online or the E bay site to see what your favorite car has sold for in their auction. All because the prices their buyers get are the very lowest, and the only problem with them is to arrange for pick-up or shipping which will add anywhere from $500 to $2500.00 to the final sales price. Afterward go to your private seller or local used car dealer and try to get that same price for your much wanted car. 

Third step to needing and getting a car: Ask For Warranty.
Always, always ask for some kind of warranty if you want to buy the best car for you. And whether it is from a private seller, where you ask to hold the car for 48 hours and have your mechanic looks at it. Or from a used dealer, where you would ask them for, at the minimum  a 30 Day Warranty. And if it is a brand new car, it will come with all kind of warranties already. But either ways, the last thing you want is to buy a lemon vehicle. And then you end up losing your hard-earned-money that was so hard for you to come up with. And for a used vehicle, what I mean by warranty are main big things like: The engine, The Transmission and the heating with cooling. Not the seats or the radio, or door locks or tires, because those things are not going to make you or brake you

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Bonus Tip: Always get  a Car-fax Report.
 This report will tell you a great deal of history about the car you are shopping for. Because you definitely want to know how many accidents the car has been in, or if it failed emission testings, or if that car was recalled by the manufacturer, or if it has been in a flood. Or even if the Insurance company has totaled that car, and someone has bought it as a Salvage Vehicle. And that way you can protect yourself, your money, and your great car from being your worst enemy.  Your car buying advocate, James Dazouloute

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