Top 12 Tips To Use To Save In Every Area

 12 tips to use for saving...

How To Save Tips, 12 Easy And Free Things You Can Do Today To Save A Lot. And Dear Fellow Shopper, in this day and age we all have to cut backs on any and everything. For nowadays, our paychecks no longer just stay the same but now it shrinks because every company is giving employees Furlough Days ( Days Off Without Pay), Or Get Fired. And yet all Prices are going up Double. So what do you do, and what will you do to survive dear friend?. Today I will share with you 12 quick and easy tips that you can begin using today to begin saving you money, your health, your family, your house and your peace of mind. Believe me You Will Need All Of That Just To Make It:

1. Number One way on How To Save Tips, that is to Quit All your Bad Habits, or at least try to reduce how often you go to them, Like smoking and other vices that not only hurt your health, but they also cost your a lot of cash in the long run. 

2. Turn off your air condition when you're going away for more than 1 day, especially during those 98 degrees heat days. No one will be home anyway. So Save a Bundle.

3. This tip might be somewhat impractical in some areas. I would never dare to switch off the air condition of my car in the Summer. But when you're driving on the highway you have nothing but forced high speed wind that will keep your look . So lower your car windows and save...

 how to save...

4. Take Inventory and cook for yourself and your family, I cut my grocery bill by over half simply by taking inventory of what I already have before making my grocery list and heading to the Grocery Store.

5. Don’t “shop”. “Hunt” instead. I suppose this is another way of saying “make a list and stick to it!”. I don’t window shop (online or in brick and mortar stores).

6. Don't buy lunch every day or you'll rack up the costs when you could save money by making lunch yourself. Don't let your 2 or 3 income at home co-workers influence you badly. They may have a working Spouse and Adult Children who are working and contributing. And You?

7.Turn your car off. You see When you turn on a car, it uses a bit of gas. When the car is idling, it uses a fixed amount of gas over period of time (especially with the AC on). You can bur up to 5 gallons of gas under an hour if it is 105 degrees outside and you're sitting in your car idling.

8. Why drive to the store to pay bills when you can save fuel and pay online.
9. Create a little ambiance and save energy. Never leave the light on when you leave a room. 

10. Saving Money at Grocery Store, I look at the store circular before I go to the store so I can plan my meals around food that is on sale as much possible. And I do not have brand loyalty to most brands and will buy given a choice what is on sale. 

11. Surround yourself with like-minded people. This doesn’t mean dropping all of your friends who aren’t budget-conscious, but it does mean choosing to spend more time with those who are.

12. Diversify your income and look for ways to increase your income outside of your full time job. Do you have a hobby that you could make a small business?. Think my friend, think. James Dazouloute

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