The Word Of God... Why You Need It To Prosper In All You Do.

 Why You Need The Word Of God...

And why must you constantly do your best to have God's Word entrenched deep inside you heart and mind? And those two questions Beloved, may seem to have a hidden meaning of Demands being placed on you right from the start, and you would not be wrong in assuming that, since The Word Of God Has Life And Is Life. Meaning, you needed for God to speak His Word and tell all things and beings to Come Forth, for that is how all came to life. Then you need the word of God daily in your life so you can have life and have it more abundantly. 

Also for you to live a life with as little mistakes made as possible, and you of all people already know just how Horrific are the consequences to each and every mistake you have made so far in your life. For it was just yesterday that you failed to be diligent in paying the light bill (After they kept on giving you extensions after extensions), and now your electrical power is cut-off and it is a very cold night. Before that, it was just last week when you forgot to Forgive others for their mistakes, and you went off on your co-worker right in the middle of a meeting, and now you are out of a job. And just recently you made the mistake of ignoring The World Of God that tells you not to submit to Lust of the flesh, and that Gigolo or Female of a Prostitute, who was smiling in your face and seduced you for a month, has just left you after you even gave up going to Church and reading your Bible, just to be with him or her.

So are you beginning to see just how much you need The Word Of God? And when I say "The Word Of God", I do not mean that you must know the entire Bible or entire sets of Holy Scriptures, what I do mean is really the basic Book Of Proverbs, for in this tiny book of 31 Chapters, as The Word Of God, you will find all that you will ever need to live life, to have life and to have it more abundantly. And even to prosper in Wealth, in Business, in Love, in Purity, in Closeness To God, in Raising Children, in living Disease-Free, in staying away from all Vices, and even in being one of the most blessed person who ever lived. All due To The Word Of God that you will apply just from that tiny little book.

 Word Of God...

The Word Of God... Why Do You Need It To Prosper In All? Another reason is for you to have knowledge and Wisdom. For The Word Of God requires first that you know it, that you remember it, that you can recall it, that you even paste it on your forehead, on your door posts, inside your hat, scribbled on a piece of paper that you carry in front of you... For that is the most powerful weapon you will ever have and ever need in life. For example even when the Christ, God Incarnate, was here on Mother Earth, he lived as an example to me and you. And even though He Is The Actual "Word Of God", He became flesh to walk amongst us, and when the devil came along to tempt Him, then the Christ used The Word Of God to defeat the devil. As He kept telling the devil: It Is Written for this, it is written for that... That you shall do this, and you shall not do that. And so for you Beloved, for every situation that you face in your life, you will need The Word Of God, so you could say to yourself (Since the devil is attacking your mind) and out loud (To give power and life to The Word) that it is written regarding this, and regarding that.... 

And then The Word Of God will also give you Wisdom, and that means The Word will teach You when, how and where to speak a particular Word Of God to a particular situation. Because that will make all the difference in you being Victorious or Defeated. Kind of like when you are driving your car on the highway, first you have to know The Word or Traffic laws, and then you have to have Wisdom so you will know when you can make a U-Turn, or when to use your signals, or when to apply your brakes. Otherwise you would be causing all kind of Traffic Accidents, even worst, you could cause your own death by having the car flipped over. And so it is as well Spiritually, that you must first know The Word Of God, then remember it with all your might. Afterward apply it in every single situation you face (Using Wisdom) so you will not fall when tempted by your own lust and greed, or when the devil is using his puppets, to come to tempt you, to seduce you, to entice you, to trick you and even bewilder you. Then you can say: It Is Written, or The Word Of God Says This, Or That.... Get It? 

If Not, Then Very Quickly Get Your Hands On One Of My Latest Books: So you can understand how to live this life, how to prosper in this life, how to be victorious in this life, how to stay pure no matter what Society is tricking you with in this life, and of course to be the kind of person who is always After God's Own Heart... Your Spiritual Advocate,  James Dazouloute

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 Why you need the word of God...


  1. Anonymous12:46 PM

    We all need the word of God. Thanks for sharing this

  2. Anonymous12:46 PM

    The word of God is eternal. Jason

  3. Anonymous12:47 PM

    I love this article, Thanks James. Deborah

    1. You're welcome Deborah. We all need a little encouragement from the word of God.


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