The Rice... You Must See What This Miracle Of Mother Earth Can Do.

 What is rice...

The Rice... Because ever since You and I were children we have been feeding on this food and growing Big and Strong, and then somewhere along the way, You have lost your confidence in this miracle food, You have abandoned this great gift of Mother Earth, as well as the original blessing of God. And now I intend to bring back to your heart and eyes, the Greatness Of Rice, and how many others have appreciated this food of the gods, and have been living off of it for thousands of years. Also all the great warriors of the Earth, who have made their mark in the world, all have fed on The Rice, all have allowed their body to consume all the Amino Acids that this complex carbohydrate has to offer. And now it is your turn to return to what has always worked, and what has always fed you and your loved ones, and even even your enemies... The Rice..

So Let's See About The Rice: The first documented account of Rice was by a Chinese emperor about 2,800 BC. But Archaeologists can trace it back to about 5000 B.C. The Greek poet, Sophocles, in 495 BC mentioned rice in the Tragedies. And even Louis Armstrong signed his autograph "Red Beans and Ricely Yours..."

The Rice... You Must See What This Miracle Of Mother Earth Can Do. Well The Rice is usually distinguished by the length of its grain; i.e. long, medium, or short. Long grain rice produces a light and fluffy consistency because the grains do not stick together. Rice is central to the food security of over half the world’s population – it is vital for the nutrition of much of the population in Asia, as well as in Latin America, the Caribbean and in Africa, totaling over 3.5 billion people worldwide that eat it.

And it is very important for you to know that, for the extremely poor in Asia, rice accounts for as much as half of their food expenditures and a fifth of total household expenditures. Rice of necessity therefore features prominently in poverty alleviation strategies targeting enhanced economic development and improved livelihoods. Also, World production of rice is over 700 million tonnes, with developing countries accounting for 95 percent of the total production. China and India are responsible for nearly half of the world output, being the largest and second largest producers respectively, followed by Indonesia. Together with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, and Japan.

 How to grow rice...

The Rice is a member of the grass family (Gramineae) and belongs to the genus Oryza under tribe Oryzeae. The genus Oryza includes 20 wild species and 2 cultivated species (cultigens). The wild species are widely distributed in the humid tropics and subtropics of Africa, Asia, Central and South America, and Australia (Chang 1985). Of the two cultivated species, African rice (O. glaberrima Steud.) is confined to West Africa, whereas common or Asian rice (O. sativa L.) is now commercially grown in 112 countries, covering all continents (Bertin et al. 1971) And Rice In The American South – growing started in the Carolinas, though Arkansas is currently the largest producer - has had much success with cultivating rice as have European countries where the climate is ideal, like parts of Italy and Spain.

Rice is a complex carbohydrate. Humans need complex carbohydrates in their diet because they fuel the body. Complex carbohydrates are stored in muscles and released as energy as needed. Rice is used in beer, dog food, baby food, breakfast cereals, snacks, frozen foods and sauces, and much more! Rice is an excellent source of energy, especially energy-giving carbohydrates, which are used in the body for brain performance, physical activity, bodily functions and everyday growth and repair. Both white and brown varieties of rice contain essential vitamins and minerals, including B-group vitamins (e.g. thiamin, niacin) zinc and phosphorus. Brown rice contains more nutrients and fibre than white rice since it retains the bran and germ, where many of the vitamins and minerals are found.

 Information about the rice...

--- There are over 29,000 grains of rice in one pound (based on long grain white rice).

--- Brown rice contains natural oils in the bran, so it has a shorter shelf life than white rice. It’s best to refrigerate or freeze brown rice to extend its shelf life

--- The Chinese devote a whole day of their New Year celebration to the crop.

--- In India, rice is associated with prosperity and with the Hindu Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi. Rice is worshiped as Lakshmi during the full moon day following the Durga puja, a Hindu ceremony. India believes rice is important to fertility, and its link to such resulted in the long-standing tradition of throwing rice at a wedding.

--- In Japan, it is said that the first cultivator of rice was the Sun Goddess Amatereshu-Omi-Kami. She grew rice in the fields of heaven, giving the first harvest to Prince Ninigi.

--- In Thailand, the Rice Mother Mae Posop is worshiped as rice itself. It is believed that, like a mother who feeds her children, Mae Posop gives her body and soul to sustain human life. At harvest, Mae Posop is said to be shy and easily frightened by men. Before harvest, no men, loud noises, or talk of death and demons are permitted. Such disturbances are thought to result in and crop failure.

 What to know about rice..

Aromatic Rice - These are becoming more and more popular in the West, though most of these varieties are still imported from the Far East.

Texmati Rice – This is a hybrid rice; a cross between basmati and regular long grain white rice. It’s not quite as pungent as basmati and is light and fluffy when it’s cooked

Wehani Rice – This is a brown rice from the same family as basmati. When it’s cooked, it looks like wild rice and some say it smells like popcorn

Jasmine Rice – A little more subtle than basmati, jasmine rice is grown in Thailand. Though it’s a long grain rice, it tends to be a little stickier than most long grain varieties

A cup of white Rice has about the same amount of calories as brown Rice, but far less fat. (.8 grams per serving vs. 2.4 grams per serving) However, brown rice is much higher in fiber than the white variety, with 2.8 grams of dietary fiber per serving versus .6 grams. Most other nutritional values are similar

 Types of rice...

Measurements and Yields:    
Types of Rice Uncooked Rice Water Salt Butter, Margarine or Oil Approximate No. of 1/2 cup servings
Parboiled Rice
(or Brown Rice) 3.5 cups
(1 lb 8 oz) 7.5 cups 4 tsp 2 tbsp 25
  3.5 quart
(6 lb) 7.5 qt 1/3 cup 1/2 cup 100
Regular Milled White Long Grain Rice 1 qt
(1 lb 10 oz) 2 qt 4 tsp 2 tbsp 25
  1 gal
(6 lb 8 oz) 2 gal 1/3 cup 1/2 cup 100
Regular Milled White Medium Grain Rice 4.5 cups
(2 lb) 1.75 qt 4 tsp 2 tbsp 25
  4.5 qt
(8 lb) 1.75 gal 1/3 cup 1/2 cup 100
The Rice... You Must See What This Miracle Of Mother Earth Can Do. And now I hope that You have fully realized just how great and beneficial The Rice is to your good health, also just how badly the world population needs this food from Mother Earth. So starting today, make Yourself a bowl of Rice, and just eat it plainly like I love to do, or mix it up with some meats, or just add gravy, or a salad... Either ways, you will enjoy The Rice, because it is a very versatile food from Mother Earth... Your Earth Advocate, James Dazouloute

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