The Middle East... How Did All These Wars Get Started Anyway. Part 2 Of 2

 Middle East Conflict...

Since You have been hearing and seeing these wars taking place, between Israel and Palestine along with all the neighboring Countries in The Middle East, ever since You were born and were able to understand. And it's the same reasons for these horrible excursions every year, The Palestinians and Allies are fighting for their land and the right to Freedom and not be occupied by Israel. And the Zionists are fighting for land that they claim God gave to them, and also for the right to exist as a Nation and not be wiped off the Map of the world by the Allied Countries of The Palestinians. 

But You have to ask, didn't all The Jewish People go down in Egypt and abandon their land? And isn't Abandonment for hundreds of years give the right to Squatters to call a land home? And The Palestinians have always lived there and never left, so is this not their home? After all, if You no longer want something and You abandon it or put it on the curb of your street, is it still Yours? And isn't true even unto this day that if You were to abandon Your land for over 7 years, and Squatters come along during that time and put up a home and work the land, is it not theirs after so many years? Called Squatters Rights?.... 

The Middle East.... How Did All These Wars Get Started Anyway? And as You seek answers to these deep questions, You are already aware that In Everything There Is Always A Beginning, just like With America, Or North America To be precise, there was a beginning between the Conquistadors and The North American Indians. And those Conquistadors came bearing gifts using the Trojan Horse Motto in their heart, and then stole the land of The North American Indians and then killed a whole lot of them for it, and Now The Modern Americans claim this land as The Land Of Opportunity?... But You also know that Any Ill Gotten Gain Will Never Last, so anything You steal will only bring You grief and despair, and even Death. And so with that in mind:

You now have a better picture of how and why these wars will continue on forever, or until a Greater Power intervenes and settles it. But even then, You have to wonder if the solution will ever be truly accepted?. Because Hate, Distrust, Murder, Betrayal... All carry on in The Bloodline for hundreds, if not thousands of years down the line. And just because You force something down somebody's throat by force and fear, does not mean that they will accept it forever. At the same time, the Universal Laws always call for the person with the biggest gun to show restraint, kind of like when You are driving Your Big S.U.V. and there is a Pedestrian walking in front of You, and that person is talking trash to You, the Law says You can not run that person over with Your vehicle, since that person is no match for Your vehicle and so You are expected to show restraint and deal with that person another way.

 State of Israel...

And so Israel must show restraint toward the Palestinians, in that Israel has all the fighter Jets, Israel have all the Atomic Bombs and other Nuclear Weapons ( But they refuse to allow the Atomic Energy Commission to inspect their Arsenal, but are always crying about Iran trying to build just one). As well Israel has all the monies from The U.S., they have all the latest high tech weapons from the U.S., and they also have the Protective Dome... While the Palestinians only have handguns and shoulder rocket launchers, they only have the monies that the Israelis give to them as handouts, they are occupied and restricted, they have no rights to self-govern but are ruled by a mock Government that Israel agrees to, they are starving and get no help.

The Middle East... But in the end, You have to realize that The Earth was Created not by Mankind, but by an Almighty Being. And only He or She can dictate who gets what, who occupies what, and who get to live off of what. After all, The Owner Of Something Always Has The Right To Do As He Or She Pleases With That Thing... So The Israelis And Palestinians should keep that in mind as well. Dr. James Dazouloute

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 The Middle East Problem...

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 Israel and Palestine Conflict


  1. Anonymous6:37 PM

    This conflict was started by God, when He gave away to Israel what He had already given to Palestine and their Ancestors

  2. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Israel and the Arab nations both have done wrong.


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