The Human Body And Its Limits, Why You Have To Be Careful With Your Health.

 The Human Body SEE its limitations...

The human body is a machine, and is known to do wonderful and incredible things under stress, in a moment of extreme happiness and even during great spiritual connection with The Source. And with that said, that does not mean that you should just throw caution to the wind, and just do whatever you want to your human body, or allow it to deteriorate at all levels, because if you do then you will be paying heavy consequences like diseases, pain, and even death. And really your body is just like anything else or any being in the universe, it was not made to be forever, just like the animals, or your car, or your health, or mother earth, or even the universe itself. All will come to an end, but the only exception is that you must not let your body go before its time, and you must not abuse it excessively and forcing it to suffer. Because you have things to do, you have a life to live, you have experiences to be had, and you even have a legacy to leave behind so that your name could become immortal in the tongues and thoughts of mankind.  

So with that said, take a look at below, The Limits Of The Human Body:

So as you can see, the human body is frail and strong at the same time, it is weak and powerful, it is also invincible at times and at other times just a breath away from destruction. So it is up to you to decide what you want your body to do, it is up to you to do what the biggest bodybuilders in the world have done and take your body to the next level of greatness, of massive size and strength, and to the next level of making it the envy of others. Or you can follow in the divas or the super stars footsteps, and make your body become famous just by the way it looks, just by the way you use your voice to sing to and enchant millions, just by the way you pose for a magazine and inspire others to look great. 

Or you could abuse your body to the highest and worst levels, like the drug addicts do, like the heavy alcoholics do, like the murderers do, like the experimenters of crazy fads do, and like the ones who must try out all new and sickening things knowing it will cause them to suffer from epidemics. And then you will be done for beloved, and then your human body will begin to break down, and then you will not only suffer, but you will also cause the ones who love you so much to suffer also, not only mentally, but sentimentally in breaking their heart, physically in them having to help take care of you, and financially in having to help pay your hospital bills. So please beware of the limitations of your body. Please stop and think before you do anything dangerous, silly, destructive, and ask yourself: Will this help me a year from now, and will my body become the stronger for it? And then decide to proceed at your own risks. Your life, your legacy and your accomplishments to be had alone, through your human body, Up To You. Your human body advocate, James Dazouloute

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  1. Anonymous1:43 AM

    I agree, our body can do great things but is also very fragile

  2. Anonymous1:44 AM

    We have to protect the body since we only have it for 70 to 100 years.

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