Shopping Addiction Help.. How To Regain Control.

 How To Take Control Of Shopping Addiction..

For all the shopping that must be done for food, for a home, for love, for a car, for greatness, for clothes... How can shopping ever be bad? And how can you ever get addicted to it? After all, Shopping is the new way of life, since Mankind has stopped working the field, stop going to the wells to get water, stop to make their own clothes.

But I tell You Beloved, that shopping can make you fall hard and fast. And just like anything you have been warned about: Too Much Of Anything, Will Turn Bad For You. And Shopping is no different. Because it can consume you, it can drive you to buy what you will never need, it can make you borrow money you will never have, it can make you steal from business owners and from your own family, it can make your mind get all twisted up where if you don't shop then you feel sick. 

So you have to watch out for that. You have to keep yourself and your desires contained. You have to shop, Yes. But do so with sensibility, just like drinking, just like eating, just like sleeping, just like exercising... All these things are Super-needed in order for you to survive. But you must not overdo any of them. You must not let Shopping consume You, since anything can be a Drug. 

 How to deal with shopping addiction..

Shopping addiction, or compulsive shopping, can be defined as “inappropriate, excessive, and out of control,” according to Donald Black, MD, professor of psychiatry at the University of Iowa College of Medicine. According to this article, there are several behaviors that characterize compulsive shopping:
• Shopping as a result of feeling lonely, angry, depressed, or anxious
• Arguments with others about shopping
• Going into withdrawal without credit cards
• Spending primarily with credit
• Feelings of euphoria while spending
• Lying about spending
• Thinking obsessively about money
• Spending a lot of time adjusting bills and accounts to fit in spending
Why do people become shopping addicts? One might think women would be more likely than men to be shopping addicts, but in fact the stats are similar. According to a Stanford University study, about 6% of women and 5.5% of men are compulsive shoppers. 
So, what causes people to become shopping addicts? It seems that most professionals have slightly different theories, but they consistently agree that compulsive shoppers buy with the idea that their purchase will relieve some emotional pain. The emotional pain ranges from self-esteem issues to childhood trauma to a genetic predisposition.
The previously mentioned Stanford study found that compulsive shoppers were mostly young people, consistent with research that the clinical addiction usually starts in the late teens to early 20′s.
 Shopping addiction fix...

So For Shopping Addiction Help, the very first step and most important one, begin with You. The desire to stop being a Puppet, and begin to take control. After all, You were created to rule over all things, and to create them, such as clothes, such as shoes, such as cars, such as accessories... So how is it that They Now Control You? After all, You would not let your microwave control you, or your coffee cup, or your sofa tell you what to do or where to go.... Then Stop This Silliness Beloved, Before It's Too Late For You, before you will need more Shopping Addiction Help. James Dazouloute


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