Shop For Electronics... Top 3 Reasons Why You Must.

 Why you must have electronics..
Shop For Electronics, because they are all around you and they are trying to consume you, as well as take over your life and control you. So what you have to do is take control of your environment and become the master of the electronics, by choosing and picking which ones you will allow in your life, and make them serve you. But important to note, Electronics are neither good or evil, because they are what you and Humanity make of them or make them out of, or even make them out to be. But every single day, you must be aware and stay up to date with the latest electronics that are coming out there, and here are 3 main reasons why you must shop for them:

First reason to shop for electronics: Technology Is Alive And Moving.
Out of all the things in life that always make a comeback, Electronics took a stand a long time ago, in that they will never comeback to their old selves. Meaning, once they have come out in a fashion to serve a particular purpose, then they just move on to bigger and better things. Never to be be like a Dog and return to their old vomit, or old use again. Unlike wigs, clothing,  beds, furniture, houses, cars, jewelry that all make a comeback; or as you call them Vintage or Retro, Electronics refuse to join the ranks of these inferior beings. And so as soon one piece of electronic equipment comes out, like a cell phone, a microwave, a radio, then they move on to better cell phones, or better and easier to use microwave, or smarter radios. And the sad and scary thing for you is that you must keep up with electronics and not the other way around. Yes that is a great and important reason to shop for electronics, since they will leave you behind and you will go back to the dark ages.

 How to shop for electronics....

Second reason to shop for electronics: They Make Your Life Easier.
Yes they do, because imagine how hard and scary your life was before the telephone was invented, and you needed to get news about a loved one who lived in a different State than yours. You would have to send a letter that would take about a week or two to get to them, and then get an answer back in the same amount of time, which is the total of 1 month just to get some news. But with the telephone, you can just dial the numbers and within 30 seconds the other person's voice is on the other end. And with Cellular Phones you can not only hear that loved one's voice, but you can see them as well. Or think about sending a loved one money where you had to get a money order and then mail it to them, and now you can just get their account number, then go online and just transfer the money instantly to them. Or before the advent of the microwave, you had to get some woods and a pot to heat up some foods or to cook some foods. But now, you just push a few buttons and within 2 minutes you have your food ready to eat. So you see, electronics make your life easier.

Third reason to shop for electronics: They Help You Give The Best Gifts.
Imagine trying to find the right outfit for  a loved one, you would have to know their size, then you would have to imagine their body type and whether this outfit would fit them perfectly. Then you have to pick the right color that they love, and you have to know  the return policy just in case. Also, you have to know if that outfit as a gift is a fad, or will make that person a fashion diva. Way too much trouble. Now imagine just going to the local electronic store, and just get your loved one that latest cell phone that does all new tricks, and make your loved one the talk of their circle, and you're done. Or you just go out and buy them the latest computer and now you are a Hero.

So as you can see, shopping for electronics is a must for you as part of humanity. And they are here to stay and continue to be improved upon daily, as well they have many ways of helping you to live a very fulfilled lifestyle. So go out today and get your hands on all the electronics that you can afford, but make sure that you look for all the best deals since the electronics will change tomorrow, you always want to have some money to buy. So Shop And Save.... Always.   James Dazouloute

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 Shop and save on electronics...

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