Preppers... How To Shop For Everything That You Love.

 How to shop for emergencies...

Preppers... Is not a bad name, nor is it an enemy name. It is the name of wonderful people who refuse to depend on the Government for every little thing. Preppers are the people who love to shop for rainy days, who love to shop for when the power goes out, and who love to get all the wonderful little things that make your everyday life so comfortable, and that you are so used to. But as soon as a Hurricane, or a Tornado, or a Tsunami hit, then you want to continue eating the wonderful foods that you are used to, as well continue enjoying the same amenities you have grown accustomed to. So since you love to shop anyway, today I will share with you all the basic items that you will need to shop for, while on sale.

Preppers, things you must shop for: All The Foods You Like.
You already know where all the sales are, you already know how to look for all the great bargains. So shop for foods that you like and start to prepare for those days when a tree falls in your neighborhood and the power is out for a few days. And look for those foods that have a long shelf life like: Powdered milk, canned foods, dried foods, meal ready to eat...

How to shop everyday..

Another must shop for item as a prepper: Light Sources.
You already know that you are going to need batteries for all the little items around your house. So get them. And get a generator to give you lights, get gasoline, get woods for your fireplace, get kerosene for your lamps, get extra batteries for your cell phones and your computers. And get anything that you will need to keep your great life going the same way it is now.

You must also shop for Water Sources.
You know that you can't live without water, and nowadays you are so lucky, because you do not have to go down to the local river with a bucket to get your water for the day, like they do in Africa and the third world countries. Because you can buy cheap water bottles, or you can buy the expensive Evian water bottles, and they make them to last you at least a year. And so that way you will not have to be the least bit without comfort. So shop for all the best water that you can get your hands on.

 How to shop as prepper...

Make sure you shop for shop all the things 
That you can think of that you will need. Because you are used to things that your neighbors are not used to, and you are even accustomed to the finer things in life more than your own family even. So take a look around your house and even in your car, then make a list of all that you would need in case there is an emergency. And not even an emergency, but if there is a flash flood or you get stuck in traffic for due to a very bad accident for hours. So go ahead and make sure that you, as a new prepper, have all that you need. Your prepper advocate, James Dazouloute


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 How to shop for everything...

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