Pearl Jewelry, Why Do We Love And Treasure The Possession Of The Oysters

 Why shop for pearl jewelry...

When was the last time you have seen a pearl necklace, and what what were the different emotions that you felt?. Even men appreciate the beauty of pearls as they are shopping for gifts for the females in their life, but the women are flustered each and every time a beautiful breathtaking pearl is presented to them. And today we will look at where pearls come from and what is the process.

Pearl Jewelry, Why Do We Love And Treasure The Possession Of The Oysters?. And I say their possession  but really the pearl that the oysters form is really a foreign material that has inconvenienced this animal. Because oysters feed by opening up their shells just a little bit, and they suck in plankton the little organisms that flow through the ocean's floor. But sometimes the oysters will take in a foreign item such as a grain of sand or a small piece of shell or sometimes even a very tiny fish.

 Where do pearls come from..

So nature take over and help the oysters to protect themselves, and the oysters mantle produce something called “ Nacre “ that covers  the shell's surface in a beautiful smooth layer that is also called “ Mother Of Pearl “. And when that grain of sand or that extremely tiny fish is sucked in by the oyster, then it simply covers it with layer after layer of nacre or mother of pearl.  And then from the excrement, we humans fight over it and place great value on it because it is so beautiful in our eyes.

And the pearls that we get from the oysters and end up making pearl jewelry out of, come  in the colors  of white, pink, black, blue and golden yellow pearls. And as you know when a pearl is given as a gift it can be quite breathtaking in it's almost perfect round shape, along with beautiful luster. As well it is important to know that pearls could be cultured , because us humans are so creative and since the pearl in the oysters are rare, we insert  a perfect tiny irritant inside the oyster and the nacre will be produced by the animal and the pearl will be ready within 3 to 6 years. And so whether the pearl is naturally made or cultured, it usually takes about the same time and appears identical as well. And then you have your imitation pearl,  and that is made from different materials such as: Glass beads, coral, conch and others. And it is logical to to expect that imitation pearl will hold way different values from the natural pearl.

 Facts about Pearls...

So the next time you are presented with an exquisitely beautiful natural pearl, please take the time to appreciate such beauty and the long time it took to be made. And if you are looking to get rich, then you are more than welcome to go dive in the sea and look for the oysters and their hidden treasure. Your shopping advocate, James Dazouloute

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