Money Talks, Let's See What The Band ACDC Has To Sing About It

 ACDC Money Talks...

Well the song begins like this: Tailored suits, chauffeured cars, fine hotels, big cigars up for grabs, up for a price, where the red hot girls...etc. Are you getting the picture my friend?. ACDC is talking about " Big things popping and little things stopping " Like the great rapper T.I. Said. And what about you and your lifestyle?. 

How are things for you lately, and how is your relationship with money?. And one thing that you must understand dear friend is, that money is not your enemy. It is part of the Universe that was created to serve you and help you, just like the Angels. And if anything, money is less than all the other creations because it is a slave, your slave. You can have money working for you 24 / 7 and even after you die, your second and third generations can have money working for them because of the direct orders that you had given through your will and testament. I mean look at the Getty's, the Hilton's, The WalMart's. Any of these names sound familiar to you?. And yet the original person who put heavy chains around money's neck is long dead, but to this day those families still have money on their financial plantation.

So by now you must realize that you must grab a hold of money, and let it have little babies in your bank account. And let those little babies grow to have their own Little money and still belong to you. I can't get any clearer than this, since the world was built by slaves in all parts of the world and so the concept of money should be easy to grab. And what you have to do to get yours, is to begin keeping money around. For example when you get paid from your business or job, then stop pushing money away and abusing money. Because the first thing any slave owner will tell you, is that you do not abuse and try to kill your slaves. And my friend this is what you are doing when you get paid, and you're dying to go out to get that money away from you, and giving it to somebody else like: the restaurant, the club, the movie theater, the cell phone company etc... You simply just can not keep giving away your slaves ( money ).

No Friend, if you want to live the lifestyle that ACDC is talking about, then you have to keep money all around you and build up your financial plantation for as long as possible. Then when you have a good stock, you can go out and start trading or selling some of your money. And even then you only get rid of the weak money and very slowly, like the dollar bills and the tens - Slow - Ly. And remember nowadays it should be easier to get money and have it work for you at all times. Because this is the advent of the Internet where you can have a website with stuff that people want, and money could be working for you and multiplying in your financial account while you are sleeping. J. Paul Getty said: I'd rather have just one percent of a thousand men efforts, than to have one hundred percent of my own. Money talks, walk, work, run and multiply; so go get yours... Because Money Talks, and everything else is just.... James Dazouloute

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