Little Financial Facts About Superbowl To Help Your Biz.

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Superbowl is the king of all events in the world, and even though you have the Olympics, they only run every 4 years. And if you were to have a Superbowl every day for 2 weeks like they have at the Olympics, then the amount of money spent would be 10 times that. All because the Superbowl, not only captivates over 300 million Americans who are known to spend a lot of money (Although in deep debts), but they attract the attention and the pockets of some of the world biggest companies. Then add to that the Gambling industry, the advertising departments of every company, the human trafficking sex trade, the prostitution segment, and all other companies worldwide who want to sell anything and everything they have to Superbowl fans. And you know the word Fan has an elongated description of being a fanatic, and when you encounter a fanatic about sports, love, children or football for that matter, then there is no limit to what he or she won't spend for that addiction, and then that person will force his or her will upon all other people within their immediate circles, and even become their enemy if they don't see things the same way that fanatic does. 

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So Superbowl has created millions and millions of fanatics who are ready to spend money from their savings, from their credit cards, line of credits, and even from borrowed money from loved ones. Because their mind is addicted to the pleasure of enjoying that event, of participating in some kind of way, and so they must do it all. And this is where you come in fellow biz owner, this is where you must get your share of monies from these fanatics by providing what they want. Again, providing what they want, not what they need since people never just buy what they need in a phone, in a car, in a house, in accessories and in foods to be consumed, but buy what they want, what will make them popular or hip, what will attract others to them, what will make them feel good through their pride and egos. And so this is why you have to know the facts about Superbowl, because no one can dispute them since they have already taken place. And financial facts are there to help you, to motivate you as a business owner, to give you ideas on how to make even more money and to push you into the next level of comfort, riches and power. 

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So Do Take A Look At Those Little Financial Facts 

Which I Share With You About The Superbowl, And

Prosper By Using Them To Your Advantage:

.Pizza Hut, Papa John's, and Domino's combined to sell roughly 4 million pizzas every Superbowl

.An estimated 49.3 million cases of beer are sold during Superbowl weekend.

.Spending in the United States on Super Bowl-related merchandise, apparel and snacks is expected to surpass over $12.3 billion, or an average of $68.54 per consumer.
.1.5 million TV sets are sold during the week of the Super Bowl

.Super Bowl XLVII had at a minimum a $434 million economic impact in the New Orleans region, according to a study commissioned by the New Orleans Super Bowl Host Committee.

.Sales for antacid increase by 20% Super Bowl weekend.
The championship game broadcasts live in more than 180 countries.

  • Fans shell out a minimum of $125 million for chicken wings on Super Sunday. 
  •   Roughly 35% of people who attend the Super Bowl will write it off as a corporate expense
  • They also wolfed down 71 million pounds of guacamole.
  • Plus, they snapped up 49.3 million cases of beer.
  • There's a 35 percent rise in pizza deliveries on Super Sunday.          
  • There's a 20 percent increase in 7-Eleven's antacid sales the day after the Super Bowl.
  • $88,000 is how much the winning players get,and growing. 
  • The losers get $46,000, which is still not a bad 
  • 2012 was the first year the Super Bowl was streamed live to mobile devices.

Little financial facts about the Superbowl to help your biz, can you see the opportunities my friend, can you see...? After all this is why you are in business online or at a brick and mortar, this is why you have great dreams that must be accomplished with the help of customers, consumers and fanatics. So go get some of that money being spent on Superbowl weekend. James Dazouloute

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