It's A Wonderful Life, See The Lessons You Must Learn About This Classical Movie

 It's A Wonderful Life, Movie With James Stewart And Donna Reed...

When you think of the movie "It's A Wonderful Life", you tend to automatically think that all things are rosy, perfect and wonderful, as we all expect in our lives. But this classical movie is about what every human being is expected to go through, and again I say go through and not stopping. So yes, go through and come out to the other side victorious, accompanied with wonderful and faithful friends along with their good deeds of helping. 

And so it is that that this 1946 American Christmas -  Fantasy - Comedy And Drama film came to life finally, after it was written back in 1939 and was published privately in 1945. And the great producer Frank Capra decided to embark upon this project after he received a short story called "The Greatest Gift", having been written by Philip Van Doren Stern. Although this is a movie about the miracles of Christmas, all pointing to the reminder of Jesus The Christ 's Birth, which was a gift of salvation, of blessings, of healing, of love, of helping, of... To Mankind by God, and every year we are expected to still believe in the miracles of life, and show that belief forth in the ways we interact and care for one another.

And so this movie "It's A Wonderful Life", is also about an Angel helping a wonderfully compassionate man who is so frustrated as a business man and who so wants to help others, that he is driven by "Situations Of Life" to want to wish he had never been born. But the Angel's job is to show him that he is a great part of the whole, and without his great contribution to others, many would suffer horribly, while others would not even have been born. Kind of a reminder for us not to ever take our life loosely, or to even think that we do not matter in this universe, just because we are poor, or have few friends, or are not currently in a position to do big things. Because just by the fact that we are born and given a destiny, that alone has made us an integral part of the great clock of life. 

And so each little thing we do, say or share, will affect many people today, along with a great many generations to come. All because each little word, thought, action in this universe has a domino-effect and will touch all lives. Thus this is why we are often told to always think of the consequences before we do or say any little thing, especially when we are so selfish with our lives, by saying: It's my body I can do what I want, or It's my life I can live it any way I see Fit, or even say that what I am doing right now is no big deal and nobody's business, because I am not hurting anyone. Really???

So as you enjoy the movie below, think and learn beloved. Please, I beg of you. Because my life, your brother's life, your co-workers lives, your spouse 's life, your friend's life and your enemy's life even, depend all on what you do, what you say, and what you share with one and all of us. So "It's A Wonderful Life Movie", is only here to remind you that you are the greatest soul who has every lived. And if you become self destructive about your body and your life, or if you perish even, then we will all be destroyed also. Because Humanity is a community of soul, and if one soul dies, then we are the poorer for it. Your Wonderful Life Advocate, James Dazouloute

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  1. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Wonderful review about "It's A Wonderful Life" movie James. Rachel.

    1. Thank you so much Rachel. We all need to help others more in this life, even when we don't think we are making a difference.

  2. Anonymous9:34 PM

    I agree with Rachel, this is a wonderful review, and we all need to learn the importance of our lives and how we affect others. Brian

    1. Thank you Brian. I wanted to bring awareness to many, that LIFE does matter


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