How To Take Money From Your Customers Without Doing Anything.

How to take money from customers...

Money has to be made, gains have to be gotten, fortune must be created and the easy life has to be lived. But in order to do any of that, you need to have a source you can draw money from, and that source has to be perpetual. And by that I mean you must keep on getting money for yourself, for your family, for your lifestyle and for your legacy even, for life. And what you have to do is attract your customers in ways that are unique, so that they all want to hand you their money quickly and easily as if they were getting robbed. But how do you get people to just hand you money in a legal way, how do you make them run to your website or brick and mortar store, and start throwing money at you? Well don't fret, for today beloved, I am going to share with you a few things to do to take money from your customers without doing anything wicked:

First easy way to do so: Push their buttons.
We all have our push buttons that, when pushed will make us do things we never thought we would do, good or bad. And buttons could be pushed to make us super angry, super romantic, super nice, make us fall in love, make us hate, and definitely make us want to spend every single penny we own. And that last part is what you have to focus on fellow money getter, because each person makes money to spend it, and all they are looking for is an excuse to do so. So begin to push your customers or potential customers buttons, and the way to do that is to do your market research about what you are selling and find out who exactly are super interested in those things and why. For example, if you are selling cat accessories, first find out why people love cats so much, where do those people hang out online and offline, what kind of stories melt their heart and force them to get involved (Use forums and social media groups for that), and how much on average they are willing to spend on a cause to save their cat, to make that animal's life easier, to bring awareness about the protection of that animal etc. And then you start to push those buttons to the max with your laser focus advertising in the places where those customers hang out, and you will begin to take a lot of their money easily without using any manipulation.

 How to make money from customers...

Second easy way to make a lot of money through your customers: Give them what they want and not what they need.
Research has shown over and over again, that people spend money on what they want, and not what they need. And that even include you, because just remember the last time you went shopping for a car, did you buy the car you need or the one you want? I mean, all you need is a very basic car with 4 doors, a good engine and very cheap on gas. But you always get the car that has luxuries, the one that is symbolic of success, the car that offers a lot of comforts, and the one that is socially acceptable for someone like you in your income bracket. And so it is in every area of life, whether we are buying foods, hair products, electronic, accessories, beauty products. We all want, again we all want the best that is on the market, we all want and not need, what will make our lives easier along with our loved ones. And going back to the example above about the cat lovers, they all want and not need, to buy the best accessory for their cat. And so you must give your customers what they want and not need. You must make your products pleasing to their eyes, and push their buttons with a story behind each one.

Third way to take money from customers: Make them feel left out.
Peer pressure is the most powerful weapon to use to make a human being do something he or she would not ordinarily do, or get involved in something he or she would never personally choose to get involved in. And so you must do what the big powerful advertisers have been doing for a long time now, using their psychologists report that tells them about human behaviors, along with their testing groups that show how others will respond to each product and situation, and that is how to make anybody feel left out of a good thing. Because when you look at cell phones, luxury cars, televisions, shoes, expensive clothing, amazing homes, upscale furniture... the creators and marketers all do the same thing, they make their potential customers feel like a freak if they don't run out and get their hands on their latest creation. They also push their buttons with a story and show how their friends or next door neighbor has already gotten that latest thing and how wonderful their life is already, so that the new potential customers, wanting to have something in common, wanting to belong and look cool and hip, wanting to have the latest and best (Again not need), now run out their house and go spend money they don't have by borrowing, just so they could get the latest of what they want. And that my friend, is also what you should be doing in order to take money from your customers easily and overwhelmingly, without having to use a gun and keep doing it all legally. Your money getting advocate, James Dazouloute

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