How To Shop And Save A Bundle When A Store Goes Bankrupt

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And this is one of the saddest moment for a business or even an individual to go bankrupt, and yet you are unstoppable in preventing it even if you gave away all you had. All because life is cyclical, so nothing ever stays the same and that goes for everyone and every business. The whole world goes through season, whether natural or man made. You have moments when you are happy, and then sad. You have moments when your bank account have plenty, and times when it is empty. And so it is for businesses as well.

But one important thing to always know and remember dear friend, and that is: Life is a zero sum game. For every dollar you make, someone somewhere lost a dollar. And for every advantage you gain, someone somewhere lost that same advantage. So with all that said, then it is inevitable that businesses and corporations, as well as individuals will lose everything they have worked for sooner or later. So what you must do is position yourself for when that happen, to get all the items you badly need for you and your family, at unbelievable prices. And when a business or store is closing it's doors due to having to file for bankruptcy, then that entity must liquidate all inventory in order to raise capital to settle their debts for a few cents on the dollar.

 How to save in bankruptcy sales...

And so this is where you come in to help that business or store out. You are a citizen of the world, and life events must continue their cycle of wealth redistribution. So when a store is closing its doors, gather up every dollar that is not earmarked to pay your everyday bills and proceed immediately to that store. Being prepared for good and bad things of life should be part of your daily planning, and when good things come your way be ready to take as much advantage of them, because when bad things happen to you, you usually take the full blunt of it as well.

Now Be Prepared, To Shop And Save A Bundle When A Store Goes Bankrupt. And that store will usually start their fire sale at 20 to 30% off at the beginning, and they will begin to unload their most expensive items, and easy selling items as well. So your job is to start buying at this price for many reasons, such as shopping for: Early Holiday gifts, early anniversary gifts, early birthday present gifts and so on and so forth. As well, you must start to get your hands on those items because nowadays you can resell just about anything online. And remember earlier I said “ Expensive and Easy selling Items “, so what does that sound like to you?. That sounds like items that are hot, and that everybody is looking for them to buy; and so if you get it at 70 cents on the dollar you don't think you can sell it online for 95 cents plus shipping?. And only if you decide you don't want to keep the items after all, either for yourself or for a loved one to receive as a gift.

 How to shop and save...

After that  will come the 70 to 90% off in the last few days before that store closes for good (And even free items given on the very last day that could not sell. ) And those items that are left at that price may be a little less wanted by their customers, or they could have been floor models, or even being sold as “ Scratch and Dent “. Again, you have to load up on this bankruptcy sale as much as you can, and why?. Because if you bought an item at 10 to 20 cents on the dollar, then you can turn around and liquidate at a flea market or at a garage sale at 50 to 60 cents on the dollar, if you don't want to keep them. So not only were you a savvy shopper, but now you have just  become a shark investor who eats up nothing but big profits. So be prepared, to shop and save a bundle when a store goes bankrupt. And remember: “ The opportunity of a lifetime, must be seized at the time the opportunity presents itself; not after it has passed. “ James Dazouloute

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