How To Protect Your Biz And All Your Money During Bad Weather.

 How to protect business...

Weather Hurricane, How To Keep Your Biz And All Your Money Before And After so That You and Your Family can maintain your lifestyle. And After all Dear Friend, You have worked so hard for every little thing you have. You must Survive this. And to begin with, let's take a look at a couple of items that you are really going to need to have on hand if you want to Weather a Hurricane, and be able To Keep Your Biz And All Your Money Before And After.

Ice... Have an outdoor freezer and keep extra bags of ice, just in case. Once the electricity goes out, the ice keeps things from spoiling, as long as you don’t open the freezer. You should also get extra bags of ice and put it in large ice chests to help you get through the first few days post hurricane.

Batteries – If you know a hurricane is on the way, make sure all of your rechargeable batteries have a full charge. I keep my Rayovac rechargeable batteries charged and also have regular alkaline batteries of every size on hand. These power our radios, flashlights, and other small electronics.

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Coffee... If there’s one item to have during a hurricane, then it has to be coffee. Make sure that you have extra Coffee Dark Roast to keep yourself and family caffeinated as you take turns working shifts at your respective jobs around the house. For those that like things a bit more convenient, you may want to invest in a 12V coffee maker.

Bug Spray – When the power goes out, the windows go up, and people spend more time on the back porch. Be sure to have plenty of bug spray and mosquito repellent on hand to deal with the increase in the bug population that seems to come about after any hurricane or storm.

 Protect your business from bad weather....

A Power Inverter – Your car’s battery can be a good source of power for charging things a few days after the power goes out and all your batteries and electronic begin to dim. We use a car charging power inverter on road trips and it also comes in handy when I need to recharge my laptop or video camera.

Illumagard – If you haven’t already heard of the this neat gadget, you should check it out. It’s a light bulb that charges during normal electrical use and then provides lamp light during a power outage. This rechargeable lightbulb is a good investment no matter what part of the US you live in.

Grilling Supplies – When the power goes out, that means you can’t cook inside. We take things outside and start grilling when the meat starting to defrost in the freezer, or cook a big one-pot meal on our propane burger. Make sure you have non-perishable ingredients and spices available and improvise.
And now to help you even further Weather Hurricane, And How To Keep Your Biz And All Your Money Before And After. Here a few " Must Get Done" Tips:

 How to survive bad weather...

Tip #1 - Prepare your Car before your Home. Why? 90% of Americans own a car and travel in it regularly... far more than any other nation. Your vehicle is almost always with you... whether at home or away. Keep your Emergency Preparedness Supplies in your vehicle and odds are you will have them handy when you need them. 

You will not only need adequate food and shelter but you will also need to consider what prescription and over-the-counter medications each of your family members will need. You'll need enough supplies to ride through the immediate impacts of the hurricane but you'll also need to consider the days that follow when conditions may be almost unlivable. Having an adequate supply of clean water is critical. You'll also need to consider how you will acquire water for bathing and how you will dispose of your bathroom wastes. 

Tip #2 - Do Not Flush Your Toilets (Yet) Why? The water in your toilet tank is potable water... same as your tap water. So you will be able to use it to wash clothes.

PET SURVIVAL KIT - Proper ID collar and rabies tag/license*
• Carrier or cage
• Leash
• Ample food supply (at least two weeks)
• Water/food bowls
• Any necessary medication(s)
• Specific care instructions
• Newspaper, cat litter, scoop, plastic trash bags for handling waste
• Proper ID on all belongings
• Non-electric can opener* Make sure your pets have had all their shots within the past 12 months.
Kennels and veterinary offices will require proof of vaccinations. 

Tip #4: Change your flashlight and Emergency Radio batteries every time you adjust your clocks (daylight savings and standard time) Why? This is an easy way to remember to keep your emergency supplies ready to use. Each time you adjust your clocks forward or back, change the batteries in your Emergency supplies and while you are at it, check the condition and expiration dates of everything in our supply packs... it may be time for replacements or to augment what you have gathered with additional supplies.

TIP#5. Invest in a small Raft or a small Bass Or Fishing Boat. For Hurricanes and even heavy rains will bring flash floods, or even worse a lot of water. And I know by now that you already know to have Flood Insurance, even if you don't live in a Flood Zone (even better because you'll only $150.00 for a year on your 300,000 House). But if your community gets flooded, then you will be able to get around with your family and even be a Hero to your neighbors as you help them to get out...

Weather Hurricane, How To Keep Your Biz And All Your Money Before And After is what I strive to show you, so you will not be Bankrupt. I have given to you the tips and ideas and also all the different places to go and Get What You Need. Be Safe, not only in words But Take Actions. James Dazouloute

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