How To Make Each Page Of Your Blogger Blog Open In A New Window.

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You are running a blog so you could finally have a global voice to share all that is on your mind and heart, and so you need to have that long awaited visitor to have a great experience while being on your blog and reading your thoughts. Plus, you don't want them confine to only one of your pages, or only one of your articles. Also while you have a blog, you don't mind making a little money for your time, services and articles that you give away each day, since it is said that you should not muzzle the ox 's mouth as it is treading. Because every person that delivers a crucial service, be it mental, physical, products and services deserve to get paid. So with that said, when your visitors click on an Ad on your site, he or she is taken to the advertiser's site, and you want that person to have that new website open up in a new window, because you don't want your page or blog to close and now all they see is the advertiser's site. And if they decide to view several pages on the advertiser's website, but later on they want to go back to your blog on Blogger, now they have to hit the Back Button 5 or 10 times before they can find your site again. Would you want that?

Of course not, and in the process the back browser button may lock up on them, or they could get a message that the site is not found. And then you just lost a visitor who wanted to go back on your blog and spend some more time with you. Also you know that as part of page ranking, the search engines look at how long a visitor stays on your site, and the more they click on your pages, then the more page views you will also have counted for you. And once that process is multiplied over and over again, then soon you have a very popular blog on, and you are now ranking well. Which translates into more advertisers who are interested in advertising on your blog, more money on Google Adsense if you have that, and more visitors being sent your way by the search engines, so win win and win again. And that last part (Search engines sending you visitors) is important, because you want people to read your thoughts, your words and your heart. Since you would not want to rent a stadium, and go there every day for a year to speak for an hour or two and no one is there, and then you look like a crazy person talking to yourself every day in a big empty space. Well this is what you are doing when you have a blog and you have no visitors reading what you wrote. So this is why when you finally get one, you must keep him or her for as long as possible and to view as many of your pages as possible. So How Do You Make Each Page Of Your Blogger Blog Open Up In A New Window?

First go to Layout.
2 – Click on Template.
3 – Click on Edit HTML.
4 – Scroll down to where you see Line 13 and place the cursor there.
5 – Add this code Exactly: <base target='_blank'/>
6 – Click Save.
7 – Go back to your blog, and test it by clicking on another one of your articles, and it should open up in a new window, keeping the old page next to the new one. And that way you or your visitors can open up as many pages as you want, and never have to hit the Back Button to go look for that first page or any other page. Your blogging advocate, James Dazouloute

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