Cheerleading... How Did These Beautifully Agile Young People Get This Fever.

 Cheerleading History...

Because Cheerleading has been fascinating us ever since 1883 - when in Great Britain, the students began cheering their favorite athletes at sporting events, all to help them not be defeated by their rivals, also to give them the energy to continue to do their best to win. Then Cheerleading took off like a wild fire in a Forest that was dry of encouragement, and was overwhelmed by the heat of cheers, along with the wind of victory. Because in 1884 -Princeton, Mr. Thomas Peebles carried a yell of "Sis Boom Rah!" And then that was all she wrote.

And of course you already know that whenever one human being starts something great in this universe, then as a community of souls, the rest of Humanity is automatically subdued by the force of interconnection, and begin to join in. Case and Point, in1889 - U of MN, Mr. Johnny Campbell became the real first cheerleader. for It was during the last football game of the season, Gophers against Northwestern, when Johnny got up and yelled with a megaphone "Rah, Rah, Rah! Ski-U-Mah! Hoo-Rah! Varsity! Minn-e-so-tah!". After that people called him a yell leader and a yell marshal. The Ariel Newspaper reported this to be the first ever yell leaders at the U of MN.

 Female cheerleaders having fun..

Cheerleading... How Did These Beautifully Agile Young People Get This Fever? And now you are beginning to see how it all got started, and back then you know it had to start with a Male Voice, since in the 1800's it was not proper for a Woman to just start yelling like that in Public. And so then on November 2, 1898, Johnny Campbell, again, lead the first cheerleaders at an University of Minnesota football game. Then again in 1899 - U of MN: Johnny and five friends (Kotlaba, Luby, Armstrong, Wickerham, and Litzeenburg) organized cheers, fight songs and raised school pride and Honor. So right then and there, this became the first cheerleading squad - made up of ALL guys.)

Afterward, The Wild Fire mixed with The Wind Of Victory started to complement one another, and Cheerleading became the back bone of every athletic type of group sports. So continuing with 1903, when Gamma Sigma is named the first Cheerleading Fraternity.

1905 - Texas A&M: bring Texas "the cheerleading state" into the sport with their still male only yell leaders.

1910 - U of IL: held the first Homecoming Week

1923 - U of MN: Female students are allowed to cheer. They bring gymnastics and tumbling to the routines.

 Cheerleading practice...

1925 - Oregon State: Lindley Bothwell makes the first flash cards.
 Lindley Bothwell makes the first flash cards in cheerleading..

1927 - Wills Bugbee writing the first book of cheers called "Just Yells". 

1936 - Minnesota: Johnny Campbell, The father of cheerleading dies in an automobile accident during a blizzard.

1940 - World War II allows more females to join cheerleading squads

1948 - Sam Houston State: Mr. Lawrence Herkimer gathers 52 students to have a summer cheerleading clinic (one of them being Aaron Spelling - who at the time was a friend of Lawrence). CraBerry is also founded that year.

1949 - Dallas: Mr. Lawrence Herkimer, again, has the first workshop under the NCA name.

1950 - Santa Cruz, CA: The 49ers cheer squad (who were high school cheerleaders) go to summer camp. Herkimer develops the Herkie jump, and NCA is incorporated.

1953 - Lawrence Herkimer founds the Cheerleading Supply Company as well.

1956 - Mr. Lawrence Herkimer invents the first pompom.

1957 - NCA creates the first Spirit Stick.

1960 - Baltimore: the Colts add the first professional cheerleading squad in history.

1963 - Pep Supply is founded.

1964 - U of Kansas: Randy Neil founds the ICF.

1967 - Pop Warners cheerleaders are added to pee wee football.

1968 - Fred Gasthoff makes the first vinyl pompom.

1971 - ICF invents the "Cheerleader All America Award" for outstanding sportsmanship in Cheerleading.

1972 - Title IX was passed. Varsity is founded, so was the famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

1973 - Cheerleaders start cheerleading woman's sports.

1974 - Jeff Webbs quits his VP/General Manager job with NCA to start up UCA. 

1976 - Miami at Superbowl X: a TV camera captured one of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader's "All American" wink. Sending then into a status almost unreachable. UCA also shows the first liberty at their summer camp.

1978 - ICF hosts the first televised NCCC on CBS.

1979 - UCA shows the basket toss at summer camp.

1980 - All Star Squad start popping up everywhere.

1981 - New safety guidelines are made.

1982 - Cheerleading comes back to Great Britain and to Germany, Japan and Sweden as well. Bob Kiralfy is made president of the BCA and the Cheerleader Quarterly is published.

1983 - ESPN starts broadcasting the NHSCC.

1984 - NCCC is founded by Gwen Holtsclaw.

1985 - Score Camps Inc. is founded. (1989 changed to FCC)

1988 - Minnesota: Lisa Saline founds the UPA.

1992 - NCA invents Bleacher Mania

1995 - American Cheerleader Magazine & Cheers And More Newsletter make their debuts while Disney World becomes the "cheer mecca" of the US.

1997 - Cheers And More Newsletter changes to a magazine and adds their websites. 15 states say that cheerleading is a sport.

1998 - Minnesota: The Cheerleading Alliance is founded.

1999 - ESPN on the record says they feel competition cheerleading is a sport and does a two page write up on the U of KY cheerleaders. Later that year am ESPN columnist cut down the sport and say it's nothing but cheap entertainment. 

2000 - Cheerleading Alliance changes to Cheer & Dance Alliance, and Drill Team Exchange changes to DanceCheer.NET as there is an ever growing need for both cheer and dance information. Cheers And More Magazine changes their format to include all spirit sports. In Motion Magazine is brought out by Dance Spirit Magazine. Cheerleaders do a cheer on MTV's TRL for the first time.

Cheerleading... How Did These Beautifully Agile Young People Get This Fever?  Well now You actually can put it all together as to how Cheerleading went from One Person who was inspired by the deep Fire Of Team Spirit, to how it is now a sports competition and a great career move. And so today, don't be afraid to get involved in Cheerleading, even if you can't do all the great Gymnastic Moves that those young males and females perform to entertain you. Because when it comes to Cheerleading, all it takes is for You to have a Team Spirit, to have a desire to support your local Athletes, and to want your favorite sports team to win at every game. And so you can do what Mr. Thomas Peebles Did and yell: "Sis Boom Rah!" Or you can just stand-up with no fear, like Mr. Johnny Campbell did and shout: "Rah, Rah, Rah!...." And Encourage The Players On Your Team, Along With Your Brothers And Sisters Who Are In The Bleachers With You. 

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    Cheerleading is always fun to watch

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  3. You're welcome Michelle, I just tried to paint the right picture with the right amount of information. Thank you for the encouragement.

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