8 Things Females With Big Boobs Can't Do.

 8 Things female with big boobs can't do...

When it comes to having large breasts, they have always been considered a gift by God to any woman, as all men who have been breastfed as a baby, are instantly drawn to a woman with such supposed blessing. And this is also why many of the modern women are fighting through hell trying to have plastic surgery and have breast implants put in so they too could have this instant attention grabber. And for a woman to have big breasts is as important, or similar to a man having a large package between his legs, since both will give the owner instant confidence, instant pride, great self esteem and reassurance, as well become the admire of the opposite sex everywhere they go. And that is a good feeling to have, since we all live in a world that is unfair and having those attributes will shower you with favors from all acquaintances. And it doesn't matter if you are trying to get a job, or buy a car, or going shopping, if you have huge breasts and a nice smile to flaunt, then the opposite sex will flock to you like white on rice.

 Huge breast are they blessing or curse...

But one thing that is grossly unfair, is that it used to be understood that God never gives one person all the gifts. Meaning, if God gives a woman very large breasts then she will have no butt, or if she has huge boobs that stand up then she will usually be overweight. But nowadays with the advent of Plastic surgery, you have very skinny girls sporting huge breasts that poke out like large basketballs, and they also have the beauty, the big butt and the very tiny waist to go with them. And so I wonder: Now what will the big girls have to compete with? Since Vanity has forced woman to go under the knife, and to not be afraid of the consequences of inserting foreign materials inside their body, knowing that a few years later their body may reject this and they may die from different diseases. Because it used to be when a girl had huge breasts, God would give her the plump strong body to go with it, in order to support the extra 15 to 30 Lbs. that she had to carry on top, and the extra fatty tissue would be well proportioned on her body. But now with skinny women getting humongous boobs, they do not have the frame to carry a constant 20 pounds on top.

But with all that said, whether a woman was born with natural huge boobs, or have gotten procedures done to bring them to stand out. Either way, there are so many set backs that come with females having big boobs, there are many things that they simply can not do as easily as flat chested or regular sized breasts women. James Dazouloute

And so today we are going to look at 8 things that females with big boobs just can not do easily:

1. Women with huge boobs can't run too fast without your body swinging  and flailing about every which way
 Problems with female boobs running...

2. When you have big heavy boobs you can never jump too high, as they tend to jump out of your clothes and smack you under the chin
 Problems with female boobs jumping up..

3. Can not go down the stairs too fast without feeling like you are on a trampoline
 Females with huge breasts going downstairs...

4. Anything that is Low-Cut is just a disaster waiting to happen, as your big breasts will fall out at the first opportunity and you will be showing skin
 Low cut dress female big breasts..

5. Sleeping face down has been given up since childhood
 Big breast female problem sleeping...

6. Can not go on a bumpy ride without looking like a porno star trying to gain attention
 Big breast female bouncing...

7. Wearing anything without strap is out of the question
 Big breast female problem with strapless dress...

8. Wearing small and cute sexy bras are out of the question, You need back support
 Large bra for big breast women...

BONUS 9. Wearing buttoned shirts that are too tight, will soon have you put on an unwanted show
 Big breast woman problem stretching...


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  1. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Big boobs do restrict you. Helen

  2. Anonymous12:41 AM

    I love big boobs. Roy

  3. Anonymous12:41 AM

    bib boobs are nice pillows.


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