7 Tips To Prevent Fraud On Your Business Credit Card.

 How to prevent business credit card fraud...

When it comes to running a business Online or at a Brick and Mortar, having a great credit card to use is the very life blood of keeping yourself afloat, until the huge sales start to come in. And you already know that running a business in no picnic, since everyone has their hands inside your pocket, from advertisers who are constantly bombarding you with offers to buy this and that, to customers who are always wanting a deep discount or a clearance sale on an item. And so until you can master how to make all this work for you at a great profit, then you need to maintain your credit card and credit line each month, so you could run your website, pay your rent for your physical store along with the utilities, and run advertising projects so you could bring in the sales on a consistent basis, along with buying inventory. 

But imagine you have just become the victim of identity theft and now your life line of a credit line has been overrun, and your card has been maxed out by this unknown violator, and so of course there goes your chance to pay bills until all the payments for your sales come in. So today, I am going to share with you 7 Tips To Prevent Fraud On Your Business Credit Card:

How to prevent credit card fraud...

1. Sign new and replacement cards immediately, and not allow them to lay around in the envelopes at your home or in your business, where anyone can grab them, sign them and begin to use them on your behalf illegally.

2. Destroy the old cards by cutting them into pieces and shred all old receipts and bills. So once you get your new cards and you have signed them and placed them securely inside your wallet or inside your safe, you can now destroy the old credit cards by all means necessary, to prevent fraud or identity theft to happen to you.

3. Don't fax your credit-card number to any and all people who are asking you to do this for identity verification, or to purchase something. Unless you are dealing with a major corporation with deep pockets that you can sue later on, don't give out your card number or fax it to every representative who asks for it. 

4. Don't give your card number over the phone unless you have initiated the call. and you are sure that it is absolutely necessary. Also make sure that you are talking to the right party or division before giving out your life line. Remember, preventing identity theft starts with you, always. 

5. Don't respond to any "scam" e-mails requesting your credit card number. And of course you already know that nowadays these kind of scams have become the norm, as you are bombarded with these kind of emails asking for your business credit card number to get an unbelievable deal. So watch out. And never send your credit card number in an e-mail to anyone, because no big reputable companies will ask you for that, and they will always remind you of that. 

6. Always do your best to get a credit card with your photo on it. And that is a good option for discouraging theft.

7. It may happen sooner than you think, so If your card is lost, stolen, or you suspect fraudulent use, call your company's 24-hour hotline immediately to report it. Why? Because most of the credit card companies require that, so they could quickly cut off your credit line and not hold you responsible for any amount, usually after the first $100.00

Well there you have it business owner, the top 7 tips to prevent fraud on your business credit card right now. And of course you should always remain vigilant for any new kind of scams that may pop up, because your the life blood of your business depends on it. Your Fraud Prevention Advocate, James Dazouloute
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