5 Types Of Wine glasses To Shop For All Your Events.

 Types of wine glasses you need to know about...

Wineglasses are important to your lifestyle as a wine-drinker or Wine Connoisseur. But you must know that not all wineglasses are created equal when it comes to taste, when it comes to color, when it comes to richness, when it comes to temperature. And you also already know that whether you are part of High Society, or you just like to hang out with your friends, or even just sit a home alone on a Friday night to watch your favorite show, sipping on great wine is something that has become part of your lifestyle, part of your relaxation moments and part of your belief even. And  the wineglasses that you choose are an integral part of just how much you enjoy that wonderful new wine you wanted to try out, or that well-aged wine that you have been saving to drink on that special occasion. So let's take a look the 5 types of wineglasses you must shop for, and what each will do for your taste buds:

 White wine glasses

First type of wineglasses to shop for: Everyday Glasses.
For every day wine glasses that you can use around the house, just after you get off work and kick off your Donna Karen shoes, you can use the 18 oz. Goblets which are thicker, and even are ding resistant when you are putting them into your dishwasher.

 Burgundy wine glasses...

Second great type of wineglasses: Burgundy Glasses.
The burgundy wine glasses do not mean the color, but it means wide bowled glasses that you use, which first can contain more wine than usual, saving you the energy to have to keep on filling up your glass. But more importantly, burgundy wine glasses are good for wine that needs to breathe like Pinot Noirs.

 White wine glasses...

Third type of wine glasses to shop for: White Glasses.
 When you want your wine to stay cool, then you want your white wine glasses. Also when you don't want to get drunk by over drinking, then these glasses will give you just the right amount that you will need.

 Bordeaux wine glasses...

Fourth wineglasses type: Bordeaux Glasses.
When you are holding a Wine Tasting Event, or you have company that is a bit on the serious side, then you want to bring out your Bordeaux wine glasses. Because they will give richer and higher colors, as well give you great elegance and patience while waiting to arrive at your touching your lips.

 Champagne flutes wine glasses...

Shop for wineglasses, fifth type to look for: Champagne Flutes.
Now I know you probably didn't know that you should drink wine in champagne looking glasses, but you can. But these long and narrow wine glasses will give you just the fancy look you need when you have company, as well allow you to preserve taste.  Your wine advocate, James Dazouloute

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