5 Best Things To Always Do When Shopping To Save.

 What to always do when shopping...

And you already know that shopping is a necessity all throughout the year, because you have to shop for food, shop for gasoline, shop for medicine, shop for clothes, shop for cars, shop for shoes, shop for sports equipment. Etc. And throughout this must - do duty of yours, there are always certain things that are best to observe while shopping. And Today I share with you 5 of those best things today to help you.

First Thing To Observe When Shopping: Know What You Want. 
When shopping dear friend, you must already have it in your mind what you are looking for. Because if you don't  know what you are looking for, then you will end up buying things that you don't need.  So having a list of what you need, and just as important, have a list of the places that you think will have the items and the best deals. And whether what you need is available Online, at Brick and Mortars Businesses, or by Mail; it is always best to stay on top of the features of what you're looking for in that item.

How to shop and save...

Second Best Thing To Do When Shopping: Stop Doing The Same Thing.
Stop doing the same things over and over again. Meaning stop going to the same places to shop, just because you have made it your tradition. Then you will miss out on all the great deals that all the newest stores are offering, to attract new customers like you. And I know that human beings are “ Creatures Of Habits “, and once we find our sweet spot then we want to stick to it. No my friend, you are a smart buyer and are in very high demands by businesses to come shop. So do take adavantage and explore when shopping.

Third Step To Observe When Shopping: Do Compare Deals.
To save the absolute amount of money when shopping, then you must compare deals. Because all deals are not equals, and you have heard it said to never look at a horse gift in the mouth. And so you must truly learn to compare “ Apples For Apples “, by always reading the fine prints. Meaning, if one store offers you an item at $50 off, but charges you shipping, handling and taxes on a $200 item, which after all the fees I just mentioned; the final price is $180.00  But another store offers you $40 off  the same $200 item, but have no fees for shipping, handling and taxes. So now the final price to you is $160.00. Now do you see why you have to compare deals?.

Fourth Best Thing To Do: Stop Buying What You Don't Need.
Do stop buying things just because they are on sale, and you don't even know what they are or what they are used for. And of course the very best way to save when shopping, is not to spend any money at all, if you have coupons and gift cards. But the worst way to save money is to buy useless things that you don't want, and even if you were to give them to other people, they would only end up re-gifting. So stop making the stores rich, because this is your world and the stores should make you rich with savings.

Fifth Must Do When Shopping: Stop Being Shy.
When you are shopping and you find something that you love and need, but it is scratched; do not be afraid to approach the store Manager and ask for a deep discount. Because this is your time to super - save, by not going for another item but by deploying your great bargaining skills, to get that item off the store's hands. So stop being shy in asking for free delivery, or free shipping, or even free installation. And remember, you are the one with the cash, the credit cards, the gift cards and the coupons that the stores are dying for you to spend. You are a little shopping god.

So these are some of the very best things to always do when shopping. And of course the world needs your expertise,  And save like the King or Queen of Shopping you are known to be.  Because you have to shop, you have to save, you have to accomplish all that you're set out to do.  Your shopping guide, James Dazouloute

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