4 Main Reasons Why You Must Shop For Makeup

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Shop For Makeup, because ever since you were growing up you have been bombarded with Ads, and then conditioned to be as pretty as those girls on the cover of those magazines. And even though you knew that if you were reading about make up, then those super models never really did look like that naturally, and they have had to be using make up to fake their beauty. But still you were, and continue to be manipulated, and now you have accepted your fate that without make up, you will never as beautiful as you could or should be. And now you are wondering, beside being shallow and knowing that beauty is only skin deep, then what other reasons could there be to make you feel like you need make up for all the right reasons and to make a difference in your life. Well Allow Me To Share 4 with you:

Shop for make up... First main reason: To Be And Feel Beautiful.
Whether you agree with this or not, does not matter, because facts are facts. Beautiful People have life way easier than the perceived ugly ones. And I know that you know that Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder. But the majority of people can always agree when someone is beautiful and when another is not, because of bone structures, of symmetry, and flow of energy. So think back about a job that was available, and the handsome male or the beautiful very sexy female went for that interview, compared to a seemingly ugly fat person, and who got the job?. Or take a look at the Anchor of your local news on any Channel, and you will notice that they are all handsome, or very beautiful females who are well spoken. Why? Because everybody want to be associated with beauty, as well every human being always wants to have someone or something beautiful to look at. Think about the Scenery that you love, or the flowers that you love, or that butterfly, or that little puppy, or that male and female model. All have something in common, they are all beautiful and cute as a button. So with that, this is your reason to shop for make up and be beautiful, so you can contribute happiness, joy and a great big smile to the world wherever you go.

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2nd. Main reason to shop for make up:  To Stay Young.
Now you are already aware of the great negative effects that The Sun has on your skin. And make up does a great job of protecting your beautiful skin from radiation, also you know that skin Cancer is your worst enemy and waiting to make himself at home and destroy you. So when you wear make up, it prevents the radiation of the sun to penetrate your face and anywhere else on your body where you apply it. Additionally, there is make up that revitalizes your skin, along with helping you to be more beautiful. So shop for make up and look for those kind that are Multi - Purpose, to save you time, money and even save your youthful skin.

Third reason for make up: To Hide Scars And Blemishes
Ever since you were born, you have been experiencing accidents which have all caused you to have small scars on your body. Also because of the heavy radiation that beats down on your face so much, you will have blemishes. And the fact that you also do not drink enough clean water, nor do you wash your face often enough, or even eat the right foods for your body; then you also have blemishes. So make up take care of all that for you with just one coat.

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Shop for make up, 4th. Main reason to do so: To Raise Self Esteem.
To have high self-esteem will help you accomplish so much more in your life. Because when you feel and look good, then you connect more positively with The Universe, and that enables you to attract more blessings coming your way. Where if your are down and out, also negative about life, then all blessings have stopped, and you only attract ugly negative people and situations in your life. But with make up, you have all the help you need to help excite your mind, to improve on your natural beauty, and then to feel confident to go out and accomplish your goals.

So by now you see what great benefits that make up give you, and how much it improves your life. So if you want success, if you need beauty, if you have to have high self-esteem, then shop for make up and become a much more beautiful person and have an easier life of happiness, all the days of your life.   James Dazouloute

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 4 reasons to buy makeup...

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