Why Your Success Is Never Attained Just By Your Own Efforts. By James Dazouloute

Your life is full of twists and turns, filled with complications, full of drama, and definitely filled with disappointments for everything you want but never seem able to make happen just the way you want them to. But somewhere along the way, at some point, it just happens: Success comes your way. And what your heart have been wishing for so long, and what has been stressing you out for months, and what you have tried so hard to make happen by yourself through every person that you know and interact with, has finally happened, and it seems all by itself out of the blue.

And what do you attribute your success of that much desired thing to beloved? Can you honestly say it was all you? Especially since you have tried every which way possible to make that thing happen, since you have given it all you've got, and since you have even begged so many to help you with it, and yet nothing could come through for you? And now out of of pure arrogance, pride, ignorance and being clueless, you now claim that you are a self-made man or woman, and that your success is all you. WOW!

But I know you beloved, deep down inside you don't really, really believe that your success was finally achieved only by your own efforts, even though you love telling that to mankind. But you know that there are forces at work in your situation and in that particular thing you were trying to make happen for you, that you just don't know who they are. So let me enlighten you by looking at one example:

You somehow decide you want to apply for a particular job, but first you have to wonder where that thought initiated from. Then you are guided to go on a particular search engine job site to start to look for that job, but you must first ask yourself, what makes this particular job available right then and there, and made someone at a company to post it up?. After you apply for this particular position, although qualified, there are hundreds of other people who are just as qualified, if not more, because you witness this whenever you apply for a government job. Yet, you don't take the time out for you to ask yourself what makes that H.R. Person decides to pick up your resume, and to give you a call? And then comes the call for an interview, again why were you chosen out of hundreds, when others are just as qualified? Now at the interview you sing and dance, and you use all the tricks you have learned to be noticed by the panel, because you know that they are going to interview at least 50 other well qualified people for that same job. And on a side note, you could have been blocked in traffic, a tornado could have struck you and caused you not to make it on time to that interview, or you could have gotten robbed on your way there; ever reason with yourself about who is helping you through it all? And now you finally receive the phone call that you have gotten the position, and offered a start date. Now again, why did they choose you over others who are just as qualified, have just as much style and flair, and even more connection than you?

So now I ask you once more beloved, is your success all you? If you are cocky, arrogant, proud and even ignorant about the universe, about The Source / Creator, then you might say yes. But you already know that for every single little thing you plan, each and every major religion of the world teaches you that you have angels helping you, you have the help of God, you are assisted by the the power of the thrones and dominions, and you are being protected and showed favor at every turn. So now are you beginning to see and realize that success is never attained just by your own efforts? Also that is why the religions teach you not to lie, cheat or manipulate others to get anything, because you are being helped and because The Creator wants you to give Him/Her thanks and acknowledgment. So Learn, think, realize, and then be grateful by giving thanks to the ultimate source for all that you are and able to accomplish. Your success advocate, James Dazouloute

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