Why You Need Resourcefulness And Not Resources To Be Successful. By James Dazouloute

 How to be resourceful...

While living this life, there is so much trouble to come your way, so many twists and turns, so many let downs in every single thing that you are attempting to accomplish, that you have to find ways to survive. Because I know you are sick and tired of always coming up short, while it seems that everyone else is making it,  and even your neighbors are making money hand over fist while you are not just scraping the bottom of the barrel, but have even lost the barrel. But in reality, you are smarter than those people, you have a much better destiny lined up for you, and on top of that you really have all you need around you. 

But the problem is with your mind, because it is only looking at things in a negative way, it is only feeling sorry for itself, it is only seeing the glass half empty. And that is why I am writing this, to remind you that must shift your focus. Yes my friend, sift your focus from looking for more money to pay the bills, to using what you already have to make it multiply a hundred fold. Shift from waiting for new opportunities to come along, to realizing that you already have all the best opportunities right within your life. Shift from feeling sorry for yourself, to grabbing life by the hair and making her give all that is due you. 

So starting today what you have to do is begin to make your brain do its duty as your slave, and start to become resourceful while using very little. All because in this life, every single thing that you see, feel, experience, love and even think about are all illusions. Yes beloved, all illusions and all in the mind that is interpreting each event and assigning feelings, emotions, joy, anger, passion and motivation to each one. So what you have to do is focus your mind to use what is in front of you, and begin to create fantastic ways to make it all work for you in completely new ways. Since nothing is new under the sun, no new words, no new inventions, no new feelings, no new emotions, no new desires, no new material needs; and the only thing that keeps on being added is simply a slightly new way of doing things. Just think about it beloved, a car is still the same car every year with tires, doors, seats, a body and an engine. A house that is newly built is still the same as the older houses, with a roof, walls, foundation, windows. Or a new job is the same as the old jobs, you work and you get paid. But the only thing that is different or seemingly new, is the creative new way of presenting it all. That's it!

Also you have been told at every seminar, stop trying to reinvent the wheel, but use what has worked over and over again in a new way. And even this article, all the words in it are not new or foreign to the dictionary, except they are being presented in a newly rearranged way. And that is what you have to do with your mind and the resources you already have. You have to become resourceful, and use what you already have in a newly presented way. Because that is what this life, this earth and even this whole universe is all about, all things and all ideas are constantly being recycled. So if you have a car, you don't need a new car with a new debt burden, all you need is to be creative by getting a new paint job, upgrade the engine and trick the car. If you already have  a house, there is no need to lust after a seemingly new house, and become a financial slave, all you need to do is remodel the house, and invite your friends to help. Or if you already have a spouse, there is no need to get a divorce and spend years running after a new one, which only is going to present you with the same set of problems. Instead, have a sit down or a head to head, and then begin to reinvent new ways of loving each other, of respecting the marital bonds, of making wonderful love since you already know each other 's push buttons.  Are you starting to get it, are you starting to allow your brain to begin using resourcefulness, and not running after new resources? And only then will you take your place at the inventors table, at the palace where leaders of men reside, and on the pulpit where the teachers reside. Your resourcefulness advocate, James Dazouloute

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 How to be resourceful...

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