Why You Must Never Have Fear Of Failure In Anything You Do.

 Why You Must Not Fear....

Your entire life is made to be a success, made to be heroic, also created to make a big difference in the global community. And whether you accept that or not, does not matter to the Creator and His universe. Because if you don't align with those 2 sources to help make your life what it is supposed to be, then they will use your ways and your life to make someone else 's life a success, heroic and a difference maker in the world. And that is all because there is a humongous universal master plan to everything you see, there is a perfect programmer who is making sure that all things and beings are doing what they are supposed to do, and there is a step by step strategy that is being followed. And on top of that beloved, there are no coincidences, there is no big surprise to the powers that be, and there is nothing and no one being left to chance to do the unimaginable. 

Especially since you have heard through all the religions of the world, that each man's step has been ordained, and every day of a man's life has already been written down. And choice is an illusion given to you as a gift, so you could feel like you are participating in the process and have a say so over your life. But in all reality, you don't have a choice on deciding if you will die at the end of this article, or if your kids will live to be a hundred, or if your business will burn down while you sleep, because it has been ordained already as to when these events will take place and why. Now with all that said beloved, I must tell you that I am not trying to alarm you, but only trying to remind you that you are well loved by the Creator, and that He/She has created you through your parents to live this life and succeed in all that you do without ever having the need to fear anything. 

 How to be free from fear...

But the problem is you my friend, because you assign feelings, emotions and meaning to every single thing that takes place in your life. And that would not be a bad thing, except you keep on assigning the wrong meaning to everything you do and everything that takes place around you. And even your ancestors have been doing that as well, ever since this age of man began, and then they passed down these erroneous ways to you in such a bad way, that as recently as yesterday when it rained on top of you, there was a quick assignment of negative feelings, negative emotions and meaning about that event doing its job, by you. And then because you misunderstood why that was taking place, you quickly allowed the spirit of fear to come upon you, and you started worrying that you might not make it to work on time, or that your business will not get the exact amount of customers you wanted, or that your kids won't be able to make it to school etc...

Are you starting to see where I am going with this? You are reacting in negative ways to something that is meant to be a blessing to you and yours, since the rain is meant to provide water to grow crops so you could have foods to buy at the supermarket, also it is meant to subdue all impurities in the air that you have to breathe and get sick from. And so by you forgetting that all things take place in your life and all around you exactly as they are meant to happen, then you begin to assign false meaning, afterward you start to get scared about what might happen next. So stop that beloved, because there is absolutely no reason to fear what you don't fully understand, or fear what is taking place in your life and around you, or fear that you will be hurt, lose everything you have worked so hard for, or even fear that you will die before your time. 

But I must ask you, how can any of this be? When you don't control when or how you will die, nor do you control when or how you will bump into that next business partner who will propel you into becoming a business giant, nor can you make happen when or how you are to meet your spouse, or get infected by that next epidemic. And if you think back, everything was whispered into your spirit, about what to do or where to go, every time you were meant to meet someone, meant to get a job, meant to start a business, meant to avoid being hit by that drunk driver, meant to even be here reading this. Since you have said many times “Something told me to check this, or do that, or go over there”.

 How to stop having fears....

So how can you have a fear of failure in anything you do? How can you think that this bad thing will happen, or that horrible event will cause you to fail, or this bad accident will ruin you financially and physically?. Especially when you are the one who is always quick to say, when something seemingly good for you is taking place, that this is the best thing that ever happened to me, and only later on to reverse course and say this is the worst thing to have happened in my life. Or when something you didn't want is happening to you, then you quickly say this is the worst thing that could have happened to me and you begin to fear, you begin to imagine all the thousand ways this thing can get worst; but then very soon, it is the same you who end up saying: “Oh thank God that this thing happened, because it turned out to be the most money I have ever made, or this things saved me my marriage, or it saved my life. 

Again, are you beginning to see that there is no need to fear that you are going to fail in anything that you do? Because you are not in charge of all the pieces of the puzzle, you are not keeping time, nor are you orchestrating events in the lives of other people who are to come along and join you. But I know that because you live in a world where Politicians play God all the time, and act as if they decide who die and who live, or who starve and have plenty to eat, or who get to be sick and be healthy, or even who gets to be President or not, then you become conditioned to think that way. But I am glad to report to you, that all things take place according to how they were meant to, and for a great and perfect reason. And that will reveal itself in due times, according to the master plan. And so this is why you have been told over and over again, to give thanks to the Creator/Source for all things that take place in your life and all around you, and then to just do your part about what you know is right to do. And then your crooked path will be made straight, and then you will be shown the way to power and prosperity, and then you will be blessed beyond measure, and then your name will become immortal on the tongues of men through your great accomplishments. So please beloved, remember all this the next time you are faced with events taking place in your life and around you, and then you will never have fear of failure in anything that you do. Your fear remover, James Dazouloute. 

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