Why Won't This New Year Bring Me God Best.

 New Year Resolution...

The Best... Why Won't This New Year Bring Me God's Best, You Ask? After all, You have aligned yourself with Traditions and Customs, and you have come to believe that with The New Year, all things old are made new. Also, The Best of everything is yours for the grab, since this is the time for Rejuvenation, Success, Rebirth, New Goals, and even a brand new life. And so You don't understand why This New Year, and every other New Year for that matter, have all failed to bring to you God's Best Wishes, God's Best of blessings, His Best Healing, His Best of Success and Opportunities, and even His Best Financial Blessings and Restoration. But really Beloved, I must tell You that for God, His New Year starts on Rosh Hashanah,. For the Jewish New Year, is usually celebrated from sundown on Sept. 16 to nightfall on Sept. 18. The Hebrew date for Rosh Hashanah is 1 Tishrei, plus the number of years that it has been so far. And though Rosh Hashanah literally means "Head of the year," the holiday actually takes place on the first two days of the Hebrew month of Tishrei, which is the seventh month on the Hebrew calendar. 

The Best... Why Won't This New Year Bring Me God Best? Well now you are starting to understand the great conflict between Man and God. For God who Created The World and Mankind, said The New Year for each year is on Rosh Hashanah - sundown on Sept. 16 to nightfall on Sept. 18, as He told the Forefathers to write down His Will and Commands in Leviticus, or the book of laws; But Men in the west and the rest of the world have all since, said to God that this date does not work for Us. And so The Gregorian Calendar was invented, and January was picked as The New Year. And I told You all this Beloved, so you could know that you were already living in The New Year for almost 4 months before January. And so whatever you may believe and do on January 1st. will not bring The Best to You from God, if you are expecting for that day to be a new beginning. 

So The Best... Why Won't This New Year Bring Me God Best? Not until you have repented from all the wrong of things that you know you have been doing, because for God, He could give You His Best the very moment that You confess your sins, your iniquities, your transgressions, your wickedness, your evil speech, your laziness, your manipulations, your self-victimization, and even self-destructive behaviors... And Completely Turn From Them or Repent. And that is extremely important for the New Year and each New Day, because 99% of the world has no problem confessing their sins to God on Sundays or any other time they choose to worship God; BUT, only 1% will ever actually stop doing those evil things that they keep on confessing, so God could truly bless them. 

And even when The Christ was here on Earth, He would always tell the People: Your Sins Are Forgiven, Now Go And Sin No More... But we just choose to be forgiven daily, over and over again, and refuse to stop talking about other people with Gossips, stop having sex outside the confine of marriage, stop plotting on getting our own ways at all costs, stop abusing our bodies with masturbation - with drinking - with smoking - with overeating... And so this is another reason why this New Year won't bring you The Best from God.

Again, Why Won't This New Year Bring Me God Best? Because You have got to stop doing your own thing, and begin aligning with God. And this is a lesson for You, for Me, and for Every single person daily. Because God made us and The Earth, then sustain all life with His Energy and Spirit, so is it not fair that He should dictate to Us The Best way to live, to have life, to please Him and to honor Him? Of course it is, because you gave physical birth to your kids, and you work so hard to provide for them, and even put up with a lot of crap. So is it not fair for you to tell your kids to respect you, to live according to your rules, to obey you, to do the things that are pleasing to you? Of course it is... 

So Starting Today, and Moving Forward, begin to align with God to start receiving The Best. Just like if you have a radio and want your type of music, you have to align it to the station that is playing what you love. Or you have a Favorite Website (This One), should you not align yourself and equipment, or type in exactly this Site's address in order for You to find the information and encouragement you are looking for? Of course you do, and so The Best... This Is How God Will Bring You His Best This New Year, that really started in September... Your Best New Year Advocate,  James Dazouloute

 For This New Year... Begin It With God And End It With Him... Then You Will See That You Will Be Blessed Beyond Measure... And Here Is How To Start This Relationship With This Latest Book: ""God And You... The Perfect Relationship To Have""" Book By James Dazouloute

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