Why Be Grateful To God, When Nothing Is Working In Your Life.

Be Grateful... But Nothing Is Working, So Grateful To God For What? And I know that people and the Worshipers Of God do not seem to understand You, and all the many ways that Abuse - Disappointments - and Heavy Troubles have been taking place in your life. And yet, they are asking you everyday to Be Grateful To God, and so You ask, where was God yesterday when that bad thing was happening to me? Where was God when My Mother was suffering after she has been raped by an intruder? Where was God when my ex-boss fired me just because The Management had a Bet going on? And where was God when People lied on me and ruined my reputation? 

And I Hear You Beloved, because there are many things that go on in your life daily that you don't even seem to understand, nor did you go looking for. And You are the kind of person who is always minding your own business, who is always trying to help other people to have a better life, Who Is Always Defending God Around Wicked And Lustful People, and all you have gotten so far From God Seemingly, is Pain - Disappointments, and even worst, Big Silence. So Again, Be Grateful To God For What?

And I know that at this point, You have heard all the common things: Be Grateful for having life, Be Grateful To God for opening up your eyes (But 90% of the time you wish He didn't), Be Grateful To God For The Struggle.... And in your heart you say: Yeah - Yeah - Yeah... Because they are all seemingly talking "Feel Good Nonsense". But still, you do not turn Wicked like many others have done, after they failed to see The Hand Of God. Nor do you get on a table to dance and make your money, nor do you grab a "Dime Bag" and try to flip it in selling drugs to children, nor do you become a Mercenary and get hired to Murder Others, nor do you turn and pray to the Devil trying to make a bargain. But Be Grateful? For What In Your Life That Is So Extra Special That Others Don't Have?

I do hope that by now, You have realized just how much I understand and sympathize with all that you are going through. And really Beloved, Your struggle is always your own and your own alone, and So Is Mine. But In All That You Have Said, There Are Some Holes In Your Statements, and allow me to share them with You so that You can begin to Give God A Chance, and then you will be able to Truly Become A Grateful Person To God. 

Reason To Truly Be Grateful: For Things That Are Just Taking Place.
Now every time something Good or something Bad is happening in your life, You have to always Take A Deep Breath and as well Control Your Emotions, since You and Me Both can not see how something truly began, nor how it will actually end. And you have seen this many times, where something Seemingly Good was happening to you, and then a few months later turned out to be your worst nightmare. So whether is was meeting a new lover, or winning the lotto, or getting a great new job, or meeting a new circle of powerful friends, and You Were So Happy For The Opportunities, and then... Everything and Everyone turned against You. 

But Also, when things that were Seemingly Horrible were happening to You like, out of nowhere a robber jumped out and put a gun in your face and was taking everything from you, or A Boss with A Napoleon Complex just decide to fire you just when you were living from paycheck to paycheck, or the person who has been so in love with you - all of the sudden just tells you that he or she just wants to go have fun and no longer wants a loving relationship with you.... But Then, after a few months have gone by, Those Seemingly Bad Things have now pushed you in the directions that are becoming beneficial to you. Because that person who had Demons take control over their body and had robbed you, well now that situation has forced you to move from your old neighborhood to a new one, where professionals and Godly people live. And now that one situation started to develop into A Domino Effect, and now you have met a new wonderful person who has accomplished all they wanted in their career, and now just want a very loving relationship. And these new neighbors while getting to know you, find out all that happened to you, and now one person from that group makes a phone call and now with favor, you have gotten a much better job with way more money, and can now build a career. 

So Be Grateful... But Nothing Is Working, So Grateful To God For What? Because Beloved, You and me both, do not understand all that is happening from moment to moment, from place to place. And so this is why The Believers have begged us, To Please Be Grateful To God. Because we all have a destiny, and throughout this life we will experience Good Things - Bad Things - Horrible Things. But the beautiful thing about all that, is that We Are Co-Creator With God, and before we dropped down to this 3rd. Dimension or physical realm, we were Spirit Being attached to God. And to this very minute our Spirit is still attached to God, but our soul - mind and body are disconnected to Him, and everyday we live to bring these other pars in Harmony With God under His Rules. And that is why we don't understand why things are happening to us that seem so horrible all the time. 

And I have to remind You that when you were a Full Spirit Being, everything was lovely, perfect and beautiful. But you were sent here For The Struggle, you were sent here to experience a few good things, but mostly bad things - so you can have a chance to shine and be the light of the world, as well The Ambassador Of God On Earth. And that way after the struggle is over, you will be able to become an even Greater Spirit with God with much more authority, and power and blessings than before. You will be able to live a Legacy behind here on Earth that will last to Eternity.

After all, just remember Christ, He lived here for only 33 years and faced the struggles, and even worst than You and Me, He had to take on the sins of the world on his shoulders, He had to die a horrible death, He had to be accused wrongly, He had to be beaten, He had to be violated, He had to be betrayed, He had to be robbed of His Clothes, He had to be Crucified with Nails... And Yet, He knew that this will only Elevate Him even more on Earth and in Heaven. As well, all that He Had Suffered and Done here on Earth, have now lasted for over 2000 years and growing into Eternity.... Because He didn't place too much value on good things and bad things that were happening day to day, nor did He allow His emotions in the human brain to destroy The Works Of His Spirit.  And now You must remember and learn from this Beloved, so That You Can Truly Begin To Be Grateful To God For Life... Your Gratefulness Advocate, James Dazouloute

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