Where Is My Baby... A Love Poem

 Where is my Baby...

Where Is The Love Of My Life? A Love Poem to ensure that The Universe listens to my needs attentively, and then will be forced to obey me, forced to rescue my Heart, and has no choice but to bring my Perfect Love to Me. Because I am not sure where my Baby is, and I do not know if my sweet Baby is thinking about me right now, and wanting to have me and what I have within me. 

Oh Baby where are You? Where is the love of my life whom my heart is itching to shout "I Love You" to. Where is the One who never lies to me, who protects me like the very pupil of the eyes, and who amazes me daily with a love gift without ever expecting it. Oh Baby Where Are You?

I am in need, I am at my weakest, I am in love, I am on my knees asking Life, Why?. Why is my Baby not here with me, and why is Life so cruel, and why is the Universe in cahoots also?.. Why, Why, Why?.. Won't You Help Me, You who are reading this Poem, won't You help me find my Baby?

 Looking For Love ---

Oh My Heart, Oh My Needs, Oh My Emotions, Oh My Strength, Oh My Weakness!!! Where Are You Baby, and what are You doing right now? I Miss You So Much, I Need You So Bad, I Must Feel You, I Have To Caress You, I Just Can't Do Without You My Love... Oh Me, Oh My Heart! 

I am at a loss, because I don't know where My Baby is. I am thirsty because I don't have My Baby to drink with. I am needy because My Baby is away from me. I am weak because I have no strength without the love of my life. I am just so lost since My sweet Baby is nowhere near me. I am not great, I am not perfect, I am not blessed, I am not happy, I am not friendly, I am not right, I am not amazed, because My Baby is not with Me.

Where Is My Baby? Where is the love of my life? Where is my soul mate? Where is my partner? Where is my joy? Where is my peace? Where is my precious? Where is my perfection? Where is my best friend? Where is my Greatness? Where is my joy? Where is my kindness? Where is my opposite? Where is my Everything?


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I need My Baby, I need my breath of fresh air, I need my partner, I need that person who walks along the beaches of life with me, I need my supporter in all activities, I need the joy of my life, I need my helper to be great, I need my caretaker, I need my honesty, I need my protector, I need my Baby who makes me feel, I need my deliverer out of sadness, I need my shining Star... I Need My Baby... A Needy Lover, James Dazouloute

 Where is my Baby... A Love Poem


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