When I Need You... A Love Poem.

When I Need You, I am besides myself and I feel so hopeless since my very best friend, whom I am in Love with, is not anywhere near. And my stubbornness along with my loyalty, will not allow me to calm my nerves down, and so I open-up fully to you my sweet Love, to tell you that I truly need you.

And because I am so madly in love with you, because I am such a puppet of emotions when it comes to you, then I am always thirsting for you, for your sweet kiss and for the sweet nectar that resides in between your thighs. So I am needy, so I am lusting... All just for you.

I am within you and you are within me, I am  your forever romance that refuses to allow it's seductive flame to flicker even for a moment. I am the passion that rises within your bosom, I am the sweetness of your seductive fruit, that is awaiting your succulent bites. Oh please, do not delay any longer my Love, for every minute is when I need you.

Love is at my door steps these days, and all I have to do is reach out and take her. Then she will be the glue that binds you and I as true soul mates, since now I feel so disconnected to you. May be it's because I am so needy, but I do not care for you are my one and only and I am glad I can't do without you. 

Oh where are you my love? Where is my orgasmic giver? And where is  the spooning romance that  I once shared with you where I would cling to You? Please my love, help me... For it was you who told me that when I need you, to not be afraid to cry out for your sweet juice, and you'll come running with all body parts made available to me.

When I need you , when I reminisce over you, when I lust for you, when I want to caress you, when I am aroused because of you, then I open my all of my flesh to you, so you could enjoy me in all manners that you have fantasized about. Yes  I am glad to be your love slave, I am elated to want you to touch me, and I am in deep need  of each and everything that you want to do to me and for me.

When I need your caress, all I have to do is reach over and massage you. When I need mind blowing Love making, all I have to do is plant a deep kiss on the right place on your body and I am in Heaven. Why do I need you so much my amazing Love?

When I am in deep need you, I write a Love poem like this. When I really need you, I fantasize about new ways of pleasing you. And when I just can't go on anymore without you, then I plead to you with the sad look of a little puppy  in need of it's master. When I need you, I get all sweaty... Do You?. James Dazouloute

 When I Need You, I Have To Express What Is In My Heart. 
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WATCH VIDEO: When I Need You... Sung By Leo Sayerhttp://www.jamesdazouloute.net/2013/12/when-i-need-you-love-poem.html 

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