What Is Trouble... And Is God Always There With Me.

 What is trouble...

And you have every right to want to know what Trouble is, and where God is. Because you live in a world where If Anything Can Go Wrong, It Always Does. And Trouble is any kind of difficulty that you face, or any kind of problems that you were expecting or not, that come your way. And because of these, you are now feeling stressed, anxious and worrisome. And here is what God Says about Trouble: 
(Psalm 46:1, NIV) "God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." 

What Is Trouble? Well it is anything and everything that come your way, and you are not ready or wanting to deal with. And of course a little trouble for you will be a disaster for another person, depending on their experiences, the resources they have available, and their state of mind. On the other hand, a little trouble for someone else, will be a monster for you. But either way trouble comes, and to whomever door steps it shows up, God says that He is always there, He never slumber, He never turns His Face, He Is Never Scared, And He is The God Of Impossible who fixes your impossible troubles. 

 Is God in my trouble...

And you have read in the Holy Scriptures many times, where God Has delivered Abraham from an Army that was many times stronger than he and his men. Where God Has Delivered Israel from her impossible troubles, by parting the sea so the Hebrews could walk right through, when there was no other way to them. Where God Has delivered Daniel from the Lion that was going to eat him. Where God Has deliverered Jonah from perishing in the troubled sea, by having a great fish swallow him to live comfortably. 
And you have witnessed on Television and through Testimonies where God Has delivered someone who faced impossible Trouble, impossible to break free from addictions, impossible to be cured from Cancer. 

And where God Has delivered from Trouble even your Mother, even your Sister, and even your Best Friend... And they all have told you about it, by saying Thank God that this thing came through, or Thank God that this trouble or problem was not as bad as I thought it would be. Or Thank God that this unexpected person showed me Great Favor. Or Thank God for this, Thank God for that....

So, What Is Trouble Beloved? It Is Nothing, no matter what days it comes, no matter what ways it shows up, no matter when it tries to catch you off guard, and no matter where it tries to imprison you. Because God Is Always There, and because you are protected for eternity under The Blood that was shed on that tree at Calvary, then all you have to do is call upon the Name Of God, and use His words (Psalms 46:1) back to Him, and you will be delivered. Just like those in the Holy Scriptures, just like your Brothers and Sisters whose testimonies you have heard, just like your Family members have told You... Your Spiritual Advocate, James Dazouloute

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 What is trouble...

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