What Is A Prostitute... And Are You Dealing With A Male Or Female One Right Now.

 Who is a prostitute...

What Is a Prostitute, you are resigned to ask yourself, since today's society keeps on pushing sex toward you in every way, shape and form. I mean sex is encouraged in your Television programming, in your Social Networks Online, and in your daily shopping with sexy clothes and sexy tattoos. And then there is the beautiful sexy female walking down your street in the tightest of clothes and sexually flirting with you, or you see the male at your local shopping Mall with bulging muscles eyeing you with a lustful gaze, and making plans to be in bed with you one way or another. And Society along with culture have always defined what a Prostitute is or should be, in that this is a person who performs sexual acts of all kinds in exchange for money or favors.

But nowadays as you grow wiser and more sophisticated, you have to ask yourself just who exactly is a Prostitute these days?. Because deep down inside you just know that things aren't right, and you also feel that the Wool is being pulled over your eyes, since it seems that everyone is having lots of sex, and the ones who are even past their prime are now being revitalized with sex pills, just to keep having more sex through any mean necessary. And now the girl or the guy whom you are dating  seems to always have something going on that you just can't place your fingers on. And now you are wondering  just what is going on?. Well I am going to share with you just  who exactly is a prostitute these days, so you could be enlightened.

 How to deal with a prostitute...

For the female prostitute, She is the kind who claims to be a Lady and wants your perfect respect. Yet she has more male friends  than King Arthur and his Knights, and she sits at home and uses her phone and her voice as the most seductive sirens of the seas. Meaning she has Paul on speed dial as her private Mechanic, and she flirts with him and entices him whenever she needs an oil change or even a tune-up, and once he comes over and fixes the car, she then asks him to stay over and have a drink, then before you know it sex is taking place... and you know what they call it: Friends With Benefits. Or she has a male friend whom she keeps in touch with, for whenever she is down or having a bad day, that person is the Comforter, and his job is to make her feel good and  put her back in a good mood. And for this, he is rewarded to come over to the house and just talk, but while there one thing leads to another and then Sex is taking place as a form of payment from the Undercover Prostitute. 

Or she has another male friend where he is labeled as the Handyman who can fix anything around the house. And he gets a call from “ The Lady ( Undercover Prostitute ) “, to come over and fix that leaky roof, but once he is done she can not afford to pay him, so she cooks him something to eat along with a little wine, and before you know it the sex is taking place as a form of sexual favor. Or she has a male friend who is in the Church, and is helping her with her Salvation, and of course Salvation turns into Salvage Sex.... etc. As You can see, she is the greatest prostitute of them all who would like for you to treat her as a Lady, and claims she is not like those prostitutes who walk the street and sell their Body. Because she is a good girl, and she only has friends, male friends that is, because she claims that female friends only like to gossip and so she keeps to herself. Of course so she could prostitute herself at home all the while getting her rent paid, her car fixed, her home repairs done, her cellphone bill paid, her ego stroked, and her... etc. All in exchange for sexual favors... Yep, your modern prostitute.

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For the male prostitute, He is the kind whose cellphone is filled with phone numbers, at least 40 of them, all females. And he is the undercover prostitute who has a friend-girl just to get his shopping done with, afterward they have a drink and then one thing leads to another and before you know it the sex is taking place. Or he has a female friend with whom he shares his trouble with, about him and his Baby-Mama, and of course she comes over to his place just to talk and share his troubles, and before you know it as payment for the Nurturing Talk, sexual favors are being exchanged. Or he has that friend-girl with a killer body and has an ugly face, so he uses her just for Booty Call, and when you ask him about her, he claims they're just friends and he is helping her with her car troubles. 

Or the male prostitute keeps a female friend on the sides for when he is hungry who cooks really well, and goes over to her house just to have a good meal, then before you know it he gives her a great hug from the back, and then of course sexual favors are being exchanged. Or he has this Religious friend-girl who is helping him to get closer to God, so Bible study turns into  Sexual studies. And when you confront him, he says they are just friends. All the while prostituting himself to every female, but claims he is a good man, a righteous man, a Godly man, a committed man... etc.

 Watch out for male and female prostitutes...

What Is A Prostitute... And  Are You Dealing With  A Male Or Female One Right Now? You very well may be, but You will never know if you trust blindly and if you listen to all the silly excuses, such as: Oh Baby! I only have friends, and they are no threats to you... Or: Hey! Don't ask me to give up my friends, they were here long before you, besides they are always there for me. Or...,, So as you can see, just about everybody nowadays is a prostitute, especially with all the bombardments you get to enjoy life and all the sexual activities you want. So if you are the type who wear your heart on your sleeve, then best beware of the Modern Prostitute. Because that person will ruin you, and if you are not convinced then here is what the Holy Scriptures say about a Prostitute: 

The Book Of Proverbs, Chapter 5, Verses 3-4: For the lips of an Adulteress drip honey, and her speech is smoother than oil, but in the end she is bitter as gall, sharp as a double-edged sword.

------ OR -----
The Book Of Proverbs, Chapter 23, Verses 27-28: For a Prostitute is a deep pit and a wayward wife is a narrow well. Like a bandit she lies in wait, and multiplies the unfaithful among men.

So whom do you suspect is an Undercover Prostitute in your life... And how have you dealt with it to get him or her out of your life for good?... Share so we all could learn... Your awareness advocate, James Dazouloute

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