The New Age... Why IT Will Bring Disasters To Kill Billions.

 New Age...

Because it is An Age Of reckoning, an age to shake up and stir up The Billions Of People, so that the ones who have been skimming life and murdering many, can be taken out of the equation. For afterward, The New Age will truly enter its time of Enlightenment, so that The Peace Makers will truly Illuminate. So that The Age Of Wisdom can come forth, and those who refuse to accept it will stand in the path of destruction. And I tell You all this Beloved, because The Earth has come to a time where it should evolve into the next dimension, and for that to happen, some eggs will have to be broken, so that this Omelet Of Enlightenment and Peace with Nature can truly come about.

The New Age will definitely bring in some disasters, and if you are one of those Blessed Ones who were paying attention to weather Patterns, to the Galactic Alignment of December 21, 2012, to the Axis reversal of The Earth, and to Mankind's involvement in manipulation of weather, in pollution of the air, in ripping out all the resources from The Earth that are there to protect us, then you will see clearly that Disasters are afoot. All because, before something ugly can be made beautiful, before a major change can come about, before a person can achieve enlightenment, some things will always have to be rearranged. And for The Earth to be right again, to be cleansed once more, there have to be some Natural Changes to our weather, some natural disasters like Earthquakes to take place and shake the foundations of the earth even. There has to be some floods to clean up and bury some Nuclear Reactors that are killing the earth, there has to be some Volcano eruptions to spew out all the troubles that Mankind has brought into the belly of the earth. 

So in The New Age, Yes there will be disasters. Yes many will die, some very innocent ones, some a little guilty, and many who are deserving of such death, for allowing The Big Corporations and The Governments of their country to do as they please. And then, there is the Spiritual aspect of things, there are the Great Powers That Be who have timed Events to take place in The Universe, just in this new age and beyond. And those Cataclysmic Events will impact You And Me, and they will destroy all that we have worked for. And for the rest of us, who are still around, we will have to survive, we will have to rebuild, we will have to start all over again, we will be enlightened to Be Vigilant and to never allow for the wicked things that Technology has been used for, to take place again.

The New Age... Why Will It Bring Disasters To Kill Billions? Now you know that you must get ready, that you must begin your preparations, and that you must begin to physically secure what you have, and mentally begin to prepare yourself for Enlightenment and for Peace. Because before this New Age becomes a time of Rest, there will be some troubles, there will come world wars, there will be more famine, there will be more murders, there will be more disasters, and there will definitely be more death. So Best Beware, And Take Steps To Be On The Side Of Victory. Your New Age Advocate, James Dazouloute

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