See How Naked Pictures Will Ruin You Legally Years Later.

 Be careful with naked pictures...

And if you are not careful with what you do Online and Offline in this digital age. Especially, when you take pictures and you get paid for it, or you call yourself Modeling for a company, then you have to know that you are selling your soul and that your body no longer belong to you at this point. Sadly enough, most people live in an Illusion in thinking that they can do whatever they want and there will be no consequences. Yet, even God Said that He forgives Sins, but by no means clear the Guilty. Meaning, You must pay for your mistakes down here on Earth, but be forgiven in Heaven. 

And so if you murdered someone down here, you must still pay for that murder legally down here, no matter how Righteous or Holy you have turned. And so it is with Naked pictures, or half naked pictures, or even Questionable Behavior, they will all comeback to hunt you. And you can't just do whatever you want, and God keeps on sending messengers to help you - to warn you - to protect you - and to stop you... But at the time, you say: This Is My Life And To Hell With Everybody, And I'll Do What I Want. But Later On when it is time to pay the consequences, then You want to say: I am only human, I didn't know what I was doing, or This Life is behind me now. Well if You can say that and all be okay, then what about The Murderer, The Child Molester, The Drug Addict, The Thief, and even Hitler? Can They Too Say: Don't Judge Me, For This Life Is Behind Me. Think Beloved, Always Think About What You Are Doing Right Now And The Future.  

 Why you should not send naked pictures...

And so when it comes to Naked Pictures or Racy Pictures, Please Beware about putting them Online or Offline. And you already know that when a picture of You goes Online or on a Social Network, then it takes a life of it's own, because then you can not control who saves that picture on their computer and in their files for the next 50 years. Also When you are in a Love Relationship, Beware of the racy pictures or naked pictures you allow to be taken from your sweetheart's camera, for tomorrow they may turn against you and you can't sue, because they took them with your consent. Again, Please Think About What You Are Doing Right Now, and ask yourself: What if tomorrow I wanted to teach children, or run for office of The President of a country? Also, Please Remember, that you live in a world Full Of Hypocrites, meaning Society. For on one hand, they will all tell You and encourage You to Do Whatever You Want, but the next day they will judge you and say: You Should Have Known Better. BEWARE... James Dazouloute

 Why you should be careful about sending naked pictures and the legal problems they will cause you. For more about all the common legal situations you will face in life, and must be aware of, I recommend this Book to You Beloved: Banned Legal Secrets To Protect Your Legal Rights Everyday. Book By James Dazouloute

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 Taking risks with naked pictures...

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