Rock Climbing... Why Do You Take Your Life In Your Own Hands With This Sport

 Rock Climbing... Will You Do It. And...

Rock Climbing... Why Do You Take Your Life In Your Own Hands With This Sport? Because this is one type of Sport that was clearly created out of necessity, when Men used to go on expeditions a long time ago, and had to climb mountains to go over a path, or to cut a long journey short, or to find out more about Mother Earth. And then came the armies way back before the ages of technology and inventions, who built fortresses on mountain tops, and the only way for the enemy to get to them was to climb the mountains, to which they would become easy picking. 

But for you Sports Enthusiast, why do you take your life in your own hands and go rock climbing or mountain climbing outdoors? Because even if you have a friend with you, your life is still in danger, since you will not find a mountain to climb in your City. So you have to go outside from where people are, and where only animals live to find a mountain to climb. And once there, you are facing all the harshness of Mother Nature, along with her violent animals who are ferocious and looking to devour Man Flesh. And for you, all you have at your disposal, are some basic equipment to climb with, some energy foods, and maybe a cell phone. And that phone may not work in that deserted area in case you fall, or break your legs, or even get stuck at 100 feet high and can not get back down.

So with all that, I ask again: Rock Climbing... Why Do You Take Your Life In Your Own Hands With This Sport? And now I do hope that you see from all the activities of this type of sports, just what you are putting yourself through. And don't get me wrong, I am all for Adventure, for Sports activities, for exploration, for living life. But you have to wonder if you couldn't just find some other activities to perform, but then again, it is Human Nature for us to take on danger, to live on the edge, to explore the unknown and to conquer Nature. And so I guess this is why you have to go out and find a perfectly built Mountain, and decide that you must climb it by stepping on its many rocks. And I also guess that when you finally make it to the Mountain Top, that you will use that as a Metaphor for your life, and for inspiring others. In order that it may be remembered that you could conquer anything in life, you can become victorious no matter the trials and tribulations. And you could even create your own path of success, just by going out and do some Rock Climbing.... Well Bravo To You, And All Your Accomplishments, Sports Enthusiast.... Your Sports Advocate, James Dazouloute

So, Rock Climbing, Let's See What There Is To Know About This Sport: 
Chinese watercolors that date back to 400 BC illustrate men climbing mountains, and Beloved, this is where Rock Climbing Started Originally. Also, the locations of some cliff dwellings in the Southwestern United States, would suggest that later on, at least some of the Anasazi living there in the fourteenth century were skilled rock climbers. However, It wasn't until the nineteenth century, that rock climbing came to be seen as one of the most challenging and essential aspects of mountaineering. 

By the 1950s, it became a sport of its own. And so for the sports to be competitive, the goal is to reach the summit of a formation, or the endpoint of a pre-defined route without falling. Rock climbing increases aerobic and anaerobic endurance, strength and flexibility. Rock climbing is the movement either vertical or horizontal over steep rocky terrain or an indoor wall.

According to "The Outdoor Athlete," anaerobic endurance is enhanced by climbing short, steep and overhanging routes, while climbing longer, sustained routes promotes aerobic endurance. Both aerobic and anaerobic exercise improve cardiovascular function and body composition. And when Rock Climbing, you must select a very good rope, and there are two options available, when selecting a rope: dynamic and static. Static ropes are not elastic and the climber with the equipment will feel the jerk in case of a fall, so watch out for that. But in the early 1800s, rock climbing equipment included a basic three-point crampon, a spiked metal cage worn over boots to provide extra traction over rocks. It also featured a separate walking stick and hand axe, which today are combined in a single ice axe.

The process of climbing itself involves stretching your limbs to reach hand and foot holds, then lifting your body weight to progress to the next hold, the combination of which increases strength and flexibility. As a result, your muscles become stronger and more toned which, in turn, boosts your metabolism and sheds fat. According to health and fitness website ShapeFit, this combination of cardiovascular and strength exercise can burn up to 380 calories in 30 minutes. Rock climbing competitions have objectives of completing the route in the quickest possible time or the farthest along an increasingly difficult route.
For Rock Climbing, Some Major Items You Will Need Are: Shoes, chalk bag, harness, ropes, rope care, belay devices, cordlette, webbing and carabiners, climbing rope, ice axe, stiff-soled over-the-ankle boots, warm clothing, energy food and drinks, survival gear, and at least one partner.


Some Terms To Be Familiar With For Rock Climbing:
Anchor or Protection: A fixed support on the mountain terrain that holds the weight of a climber while falling or descending. 

Belay: Various techniques used by a rope climber to have a control while descending. 

Carabiner: A metal snap-link used for attaching the rope to an anchor. 

Crampons: Metal boot attachments with numerous spikes that render adhesive friction on slippery snow and ice. 

Rappel: A controlled slide down through anchored rope. 

Sling: Nylon tubular webbing with its ends either fastened or professionally sewn together making a loop used to attach an anchor

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