Plastic Surgery... A Basic Understanding. By James Dazouloute

 Understanding plastic surgery...

Plastic Surgery... See Extreme Cases, because you have to wonder What Makes The Human Psyche become so insecure or so vain? Also what kind of Pain causes anyone to try to find happiness in physical beauty, and what kind of Bullyism has one suffered from throughout Life that would cause them to try and become the most beautiful person in their eyes?And really Dear Friend, the answer to those questions are very complex and will also vary to each individual person's situation. Because Plastic Surgery and the people who go out to get it, are very hard to judge since all Human Beings are addicted to Something in Life, in order to use Escapism as a way to cope with all of life Miseries.

Also there is the Business side of it where Plastic Surgeons are making a killing from so many people who want these procedures done out of sheer vanity. And then there are all the companies who are selling Beauty Products to embellish all those who feel they have little or no beauty. So for you, how do you get in on that, how do you even become an affiliate and sell Avon, or Mary Kay products and make some money as well? Because they always say that if you can't stop the Tsunami, then you must flow with it and let it carry you to great heights. And neither you or I will never be able to stop this avalanche of the need to be beautiful, since it all started with the creation of mankind when Eve felt naked and needed to cover herself, and then Vanity kicked in full force.

And while you may not get Plastic Surgery to make yourself feel good about your body and the way others look at you and treat you, you are probably getting Plastic Surgery in the forms of an Alcoholic Bottle, in the form of Cocaine, in the form of having Many Children, in the form of Mental Drugs, and even in the form of Denial. And again, this is why it is very hard to judge those Brothers and Sisters who go out to have Plastic Surgery performed on their bodies, in order to raise their self esteem, and even to help God out with his Genetic Design through each Family Gene Pool.

 Lil Kim Plastic Surgery...

And I must add that Plastic surgery may be an absolute must for burn victims, and those brothers and sisters who have deformities from birth and want a chance to live a normal life. So this is why we all must be compassionate and understanding with those who have such procedures done and not knowing their background or full story. And what is normal? Is it what society say, or is it what that very person who looks at him or herself in the mirror sees as normal or not? That is a debate that will last for generations to come, and then there is also the self-esteem issues, the psychological factors, the medical side of things, and the emotional reasons. Also there is the hypocrisy of society and its people, since if you had certain procedures done and you look great, then they all accept you and want to kiss your behind. But if it turns out to be off or you look worst than before, these same people will want to crucify you and ask you what were you thinking, why can't you be happy with the way God made you? So What To Do?

And although there are those who will always go to The Extreme with anything in Life, whether it's Working out, whether it's Eating, whether it's Dating, whether it's Having Sex, whether it's taking Drugs, whether it's with Plastic Surgery... We Still have to learn to love and appreciate all our Brothers and Sisters. For even in extremism, there are great lessons and awareness that are brought to us by those great sacrifices of others, just so we can learn to understand the Human Body Better, and also question Life and The Reason why We Are all Here. So Best To Learn, Best To Appreciate And Best To Reflect.  Your awareness advocate, James Dazouloute

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