Life In A Day... The Best 3 Ways To Live It Fully.

Because each year you say that you are going to live Life to its fullest, and do everything that you have in your bucket list. Yet, it has been 10 years, and you have not even done 3 things on that list, much less have begun to live your entire Life In A day. And I am sure that you have heard about taking the time to "Smell The Roses", also, "Live Life Like There Is No Tomorrow. But I have to ask You Beloved, why exactly have you not been living by any of these suggestions or great sayings in life? After all, you claim that You are the master of your destiny, you claim that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to, as well you claim that anything is possible. So What's The Problem Oh Great One? Because you already have the knowledge, the understanding, the know how, and the fortitude to live life to the fullest, and even live that beautiful Life In A Day. So today, allow me to remind You of the best 3 ways to live this life to its fullest each and every day from now on.

Life In A Day... What Are The Best 3 Ways To Live It Fully? First way to live life in a day is To Contribute To It With All Your Might.
Life was created by God for you to enjoy fully, and when Your Spirit was up in heaven, it saw the momentous opportunity to build a legacy for Eternity, and so You came here on Earth from heaven as a spiritual being who wanted to share in the experiences of this physical dimension. So stop procrastinating and begin to Fully Contribute the love that you are filled with, along with the pure energy that surrounds you, and fill the life of someone else with love, compassion and understanding. And really Beloved, What Is Life, but to Be magnanimous in all you do and be passionate as well?. Then begin with all your might, each New Day and New Year to Give like you've never given before to one person, and you will see that your great acts will be talked about for years to come. So to live Life In A Day, you must stop asking Why Am I Here and Why Am I Like This, and remember that you are here To Contribute. Yes, to leave a legacy behind. For people will not remember how much money you had, or how many College Degrees you had, but one act of kindness and compassion by You, will be talked about by someone even at their death bed.

Second way to live Life In A Day to its fullest, is for you to begin planting seeds of greatness in every person's life and everything else.
Because by planting Seeds Of Greatness, then you will quickly know and understand the question, What Is Success? Because then you will see that Success is doing one small thing every single day that will change the mind and heart of one person at a time. And then you continue this pattern of Planting Seeds Of Greatness each and every day, having it multiplied and be forever growing. Because if You look around you and ask yourself, how the rich seems to always get richer, and yet the poor with the little they have, they seem to lose more of it each day. It is all because each one is planting their own kind of seeds each day. The rich (In love, in life, in monetary resources, in friends, in admiration, in popularity and fame) is confident, determined, curious and flexible. So he or she keeps planting seeds of Success and Greatness. But the poor is unsure, is depressed and feeling sick. So the poor keeps planting seeds of failures, of self destructive behaviors, of negativity, of darkness, of gossip, of self victimization, of anger and bitterness. But Not You Beloved, for you live your entire Life In A Day. So Yes, live and live my friend, by having love and warmth, by being appreciative and grateful, by being curious, by getting excited and passionate, by being determined, by being flexible, by being confident, by being cheerful, by feeling healthy and by contributing at all times.

Life In A Day... What Are The Best 3 Ways To Live It Fully? Third Perfect Way: Have Love And Warmth.
Your entire life can be lived in one day, just like your entire life can flash in your mind and eyes in an instant. And if You Have love and warmth in your heart, within your body and mind, then you are living like Christ did, like Buddha did, like Krishna did, like Mother Teresa did, like Gandhi did... And all that is needed, is that You must allow yourself to feel all the wonderful things that exist on this earth that you are a traveler in. Such as: Feel the love and warmth when someone gives you flowers, or when friends say they can't go through something without you, and even when your pet is showing you unconditional love when you come home, or when a complete stranger is extremely kind to you and does not even care to be with you, or when a person you know offers you the greatest smile that lifts you up in an instant... And by having love and warmth, then you are able to fully connect to that moment, and you already know one of the great answers to the question, What Is Life, in that it is made up of small, tiny beautiful and perfect moments.

Bonus Way: to live life in a day is to be appreciative and grateful.
Every little thing that happens to you in this life is an experience that will help you grow and enrich you. As well, no human being and no animal ever have, ever will, owe you anything. So when you are given a gift of a Smile, or a sincere blessing of Good Morning, or another sentient being takes the time to say You are beautiful - God Bless You - I need You - I am here for you... Then you must learn to stop giving your own meaning to things as soon as they happen in your life, and stop being The Enemy of everything and everyone as well. No my friend, do give things a chance to play themselves out, and appreciate the message that is being sent to you from above. And remember in everything that takes place, there lies opportunities, and it all depends on how you perceive them. So in everything be positive, appreciative and grateful, and you will conquer all, and then You will be able To Live Life In A  Day... Your Entire Life In 1 Day Advocate, James Dazouloute

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