James Bond... See What James Bond Movies Mean To You.

 James Bond...

What Do James Bond Movies Mean To You, In Love and Out Of Love?. Since The James Bond Movies or 007 Special Agent Characters, are what every Man want to be, and what every woman fantasize about a Man to be. And this is why this great franchise that encompasses everything about life for over 50 years, has been so enduring and will probably continue for the next 50 years. And Why? Because in The James Bond Character you find a Hero, a great Lover, a Protector of Humanity, a Friend, a Charmer, a Man Of Man, a Ladies Man, a Great Friend, a Killer, a Compassionate Man, a Guardian Angel, a Go To Guy... And so this is why the entire community of the world is enamored with James Bond.

But as for me, I got to tell you that I am a little disappointed with some of the latest James Bond Movies, because lately the Powers That Be have been trying their hardest to turn the OO7 Carachter Into A Regular Man, an Every Day Man and Even A Common Man. And for Me that is quite distressing, because the idea of James Bond for every man is always about: He Is Everything You Would Love To Be As A Man. And so who want to see OO7 with just one woman, or even having emotions, anger, rage and struggling with doing his job? After all, this is what All Men experience in their every day lives.

James Bond...

So when you are watching a James Bond Movie, you do not want somebody who is just like you, somebody who is struggling just like you, or somebody who is emotional over a loss, or just in a regular love relationship. Because You and Your Neighbors all have this in your every day in life. Just like if you have a King or a President, you do not want nor do you care for them to be just like you - poor just like you - ineffective just like you - being discriminated against just like you - or they are a puppet of Destiny just like you. No, you want someone who is better than you, stronger than you, can make things happen more than you can, can be counted on every time, can be a Hero at any moment, and can live the kind of Great Lifestyle that You aspire to do. Also, isn't that what All Women look for in their Lover, their Husband To Be?

And The James Bond Movies should mean to you that they are your moments to escape, your moments to live your fantasy, and your moments to forget about the sorry lifestyle that you have been struggling with for so long. And so I say that the James Bond Movie Character is supposed to be Enchanting, supposed to be Romantic, supposed to be A Ladies Man, supposed to be Heroic, supposed to be Cool Under Pressure, supposed to be a Death Dealer, supposed to Control All His Emotions, suppose to Live The Perfect Life for all the Men and Women who can't and look to that OO7 Character to do it all for them and give them Aspiration.

 James Bond Sean Connery

For The James Bond Movies, I Say Bravo To: Ian Flemming for having written his great Spy Novel, and being the Father Of All Spy Movies from 50 years ago. Then Bravo To Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and all others (If I don't mention their name, they are Sorry) . Your James Bond Movie Promoter, James Dazouloute

 James Bond Goldfinger

So, Which Is Your Favorite James Bond Movie?
01. Dr. No
02. From Russia with Love
03. Goldfinger
04. Thunderball
05. You Only Live Twice
06. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
07. Diamonds Are Forever
08. Live and Let Die
09. The Man with the Golden Gun
10. The Spy Who Loved Me
11. Moonraker
12. For Your Eyes Only
13. Octopussy
14. Never Say Never Again
15. A View to a Kill
16. The Living Daylights
17. Licence to Kill
18. Golden Eye
19. Tomorrow Never Dies
20. The World Is Not Enough
21. Die Another Day
22. Casino Royale
23. Quantum of Solace

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