I Love You... No Matter What. A Love Poem.

 I Love You...

And I Wanted to remind You that my heart belongs to you, to do with as you please, and to enrich in all aspects of greatness and perfection. Yes My Love, I Love You without reservation and without any doubts whatsoever, for it is not what you do for me every day that determines that, but your perfect essence that is the definition of True Love that fuel the fiery love inside my heart. 

And so I Love You with fervency, I love you with every fiber of my being, and so I love you blindly and recklessly, because I know that within your loving arms my safety net is always working. And I love you for being you, I love you for allowing me to love you, I love you for teaching me the path to true love, and I definitely love you for sharing your life journey with me. And so I just can not help myself, I Love You No Matter What.

Yes I admit it time and time again to infinity my Love, that I am in love with you, with your essence, with your humanity, with your caring, with your joy, with your enormous heart, with your perfect eyes that look for me daily, with your great caring spirit who is constantly filled up with love. And so I love the way I was made, I love because Love compels me to do so, and I love you because God ordained this task unto me.

 i love you no matter what

And this is why again I say: I Love You No Matter What, because our love transcends small moments of confusions, of misunderstandings, of forgetfulness, and of mistakes on your part. And if anything my wonderful love, I love you even more when you are within these weak states, because they give me a chance to be your Hero, your rescuer, you supporter, your best friend, and your care taker... For you are my all and all in love and in life...

I Love You with my very blood, I love to love You with my skin, and I love to be in love with you with all my mind. And so I dedicate this love poem to You because you have given me a purpose, you have created in me a warrior with a mission, you have granted me the passage to eternal greatness by just loving you with all my soul... Oh How I Love You My Love!!! Won't You Feel Me?... Your Lover, James Dazouloute

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 Poem About No Matter What

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