I Have Nothing... Here Is Exactly Why You Don't, And What To Do About It.

 I have nothing....

I Have Nothing... Here Is Exactly Why. And I know you have been realizing that this sad statement (I have nothing) is true in your life for a long time now, yet you have been paralyzed and therefore unable to bring about the powerful changes needed in order for Your Life to be fully fulfilled, in all areas, in all aspects, in all dimensions and in all aspirations. And I know that when You say I Have Nothing, you are referring to not having your dreams realized, you are referring to not being able to have something that is truly yours which you have built from the ground up.... Because you certainly have the very basic of things in your life, such as a car, a little job, a small place to live, a basic somewhat loving relationship, and you have even accomplished a few tiny things... But just enough to be Mediocre, just enough to get by, just enough for your friends to notice that you are still here.

And so, you have always felt that You Have Nothing, in the sense of having and living a great wonderful life. In the sense of making a great difference in this world, in the way of having a love relationship that is breathtaking, in the need to not only have hopes and dreams for yourself but to help create and fulfill them in the lives of others. Also in the sense of living life where you are calling the shots, in the way of achieving all that you set out to do, and in the need for others to have great respect -- love -- admiration for You. And the reason why You have nothing is: You Play Small - Always.

And that is your Achilles hill Beloved, that is your own prison, that is your chain that have kept you in the dungeon of mediocrity - of bare minimum - and even of living in apathy, but always in deep wants and very needy desires. And what I am saying about you now, you have already been aware of this for quite a while now... but you just felt stuck.

And so today I am giving you what you need to get unstuck, and that is: Stop Playing Small in everything that you do. Because when you do, you are creating poverty in all areas of your life. You are being poor in love, poor in materialism, poor in faith and spirituality, poor in dreams, poor in weak legacy, poor in knowledge, poor in understanding, poor in motivation, poor in business, poor in admiration from others, poor in feeling great, --- But Very Rich In Wants - Depression And Excuses.

So Starting Today, start going all out. Start to take some big calculated risks. Start to go for it all. Start to shout I Love You to your lover by doing something remarkable - and not just talking a good game. Start to build this great business where you help others in a powerful way, instead of just talking about it. Start that great exercise program that will have all the magazines running after you, to want to feature you on their cover. Start to activate the plans that will make you a leader, that you have been putting off. Start to go after that great job you have always wanted, instead of being frustrated with what you do now - because your avocation must match your vocation (What you love and what you do must match). Start to invent like the pioneers before you. Start to change lives by changing yours in a powerful way, and start by getting the right Help that you so badly need in order to Live Life Optimally.... Your Life Advocate,  James Dazouloute

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 How to have something...

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