How Do You Learn And How To Make It Easy

Do You Learn Anything In Life? Because it seems that the Experts are always telling you to learn this way, learn that way, and to even do it their way from their latest Book. But in the end, you are the one who gets left behind, without having really learned anything new. And so you are left to ask: How Do You Learn? And even when you go to see your Therapist or Psychologist, The Experts who are supposed to understand you, your brain, your moods, your personality and even what you're thinking.. They don't end up teaching you anything new either, but place a set of control points in your life so you can cope in life, and that way you will always need them to survive. So again Beloved, you are left on your own to figure life out. And today I will share with you the top 3 ways that you learn anything in life.

How Do You Learn? First way: From Loving Parents.
Even before you were born, your Mother and Father started teaching you about their voice, their touch and caress, and even about their lifestyle. Since if the Mother smokes, then chances are that the child will be born with Asthma. Or if the Mother is a drug addict, the child will more than likely be born a crack baby. But if Mom and Dad live a clean lifestyle and are music lovers, then they are teaching you about The Universe, by playing musical notes for you while you are resting peacefully, and your brain is being wired. Then after you are born, the teaching from them - and - the learning by you continue, as they begin to get you accustomed to sights, sounds, faces, toys, food. And I tell you in all truth Beloved, that the more of a great foundation of learning your parents provided for you, the easier it will be for you to learn anything new in life. Since that is the time that your brain was being wired and develop, and making associations with what is easy or hard, what is painful or pleasurable, what is proper or wicked.

Second Way That You Learn Anything In Life: By Life Experiences And Coaches.
As you begin to develop, you start going full speed in learning every single thing presented to you, and one would hope that those things would be Positive, but more often than not, they are negative experiences that you are forced to have. Even with other kids at the playground, and with a parent who is angry all the time or who suffers from an addiction. And then as you continue to grow up, you are faced with your own experiences, with friends, with teachers, with coaches, with other parents, and other grown ups. So you are forced to learn what life is all about, what is good and evil, what is happiness and sadness, what is joy and sorrow, what is fulfillment and disappointments... 

How Do You Learn? Third Way: From God And His Universe.
And this is the best and truest learning experience you could ever have in life, if you use the Holy Scriptures or The Parts About Wisdom, like The Book Of Proverbs, as your base for your foundation. Because then you will learn to recognize for yourself what is truly good and evil, what is a trap and a path to success, what is a friend and a true enemy, what is good for you and bad, what is Holy and evil, what is true kindness and manipulation... etc. And this form of learning from God, is the one that will always put you on the right path toward Illuminati or to be illuminated with Enlightenment. 

And I must also tell You that to learn anything is by Repetition, so the more you hear, the more you read, the more you see, the more you feel, the more you experience... Then the more you will learn. So you have to make sure that all those things are positive, and shield yourself from the negative things and the people of darkness. And then you will never again have to ask: How Do You Learn... Your Learning Coach, James Dazouloute

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