Fresh Water... Why Is It The Business To Get Into. By James Dazouloute

 Fresh water business...

Because when you look around you, you can easily see that Fresh Water is getting more and more scarce by the day, but the population of the world is growing at an alarming rate. And currently, there are nearly 1 billion people around the world with no access to clean water. And sure, there is plenty of water around the world, 70.2 percent to be exact, but is it clean drinkable fresh water?

So this is where you come in my friend, well you are really coming in late in the game of making big money, since there are very well run bottled water companies out there who are making billions of dollars, like Evian Bottled Water. And they have deployed a slew of marketing ploys, into making the public believe that their water is the best water in the world, as well they have marketed that water as a status symbol - where if your order it in public, then you are looked at as the Elite, the Go To Person. Also they have convinced the regular public, or the 99 percent, that drinking Fresh Bottled Water is much safer and purer than tap water.

On top of that, you have countries like Kenya, Nigeria who have plenty of resources like Diamond Mines, yet do not have a lot of fresh water sources available to them. And so of course this is where you would come in by either shipping Fresh Bottled Water over there, or digging wells and finding fresh water. But once again, you are coming in late in the game there too if you want to create a biz in that market, since the big boys have already moved in and are offering fresh water to those folks at a very steep price.

How to sell water...

And then there is of course Natural Disasters like Hurricane Sandy, where flood of rushing hurricane water have covered everything, and now the residents have no water to drink. Since the hurricane waters have flooded and mixed with the City water, as well as with raw sewage, and now the tap water become undrinkable. So again, this is where you come in to make a bundle in selling Fresh Water, this is where your financial dreams will come true. But Alas! You have already been beaten at the gates there as well, for the big bottled water companies have moved in and are sending their 24 packs of bottled water.

For Fresh Water to be sold by You as a business to the 8 billion of so of people of the earth, you must find a gimmick to convince them that your fresh water (Even though it's not yours but God's) is the very best that they need to have for good health, and to even stay away from Cancer. Since when you scare people they will let you do whatever you want, as well will give you all their monies to save them. Remember 911 and the terrorist scare afterward? Now you see how all the Citizens have freely given away their rights, and allow themselves to be molested at all Airports, they have given The Government all their tax dollars to go make war everywhere, and they have even given their first born son gladly to go fight those wars for the Oil Corporations.... All because of False Scare Tactics.

And so if you want to make a buck selling Fresh Water, then you too must come up with a gimmick, like the Bottled water Corporations have and now they are raking in billions of dollars off the shelves of all Supermarkets. And even in some of the less fortunate countries around the world, even though they can't create water, and it was all put there for one and all. So bottle that water, and then convince anyone who has an ear to hear, that you have the best water to save them from future Cancer, from fever and even from everyday bacteria. And then you will make Trillions. Your Business Coach,  James Dazouloute

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