Fear Of Death... Why Do Disasters Make You Feel That Way

 Fear Of Death...

Why Do Disasters Make Me Feel That Way, You May Ask? And I know that you are not a scary person, and have been fighting all of your life, for yourself and to protect others, even way back during Recess at school. So you are the kind of person who is always ready to face a challenge head on, and give it your best try. Also you know that there will come one day, when your life that was given you, will be required to return back to God The Creator. And so why do you have such Fear Of Death, and why do disasters make you feel that way? Well today let us really explore a little bit, the reasons behind this absurd, but real phenomena. And we have to, because there needs to be closure in your life, about how you feel and why you feel. 

So when it comes to the Fear Of Death, it is not so much that you are afraid of Death or afraid of dying, but it is The Anticipation Of Death, that a disaster, or all disasters bring into your mind, heart and emotions. Because if somebody was trying to kill you right now, you would fight for all your life's worth, and if you live - you live, or if you die - you die; but you would know that you did fight for your survival. But when it comes to great disasters like Category 5 Hurricanes, or a 100 feet Tsunami, or a 9.8 Earthquake, or a giant Volcano erupting like the one that took place in Pompeii... Then you are, and feel powerless to fight. After all, how do you fight Mother Nature when she is doing her disastrous thing, whether Man did something through their science to cause her to react, or it is part of her natural Cycle? Because you can't fight, you can only run or move out of the way when it comes to Mother Nature's Fury.

And so because you can't fight Mother Nature, like you would an intruder, a kidnapper, an abusive person, a bully, a rapist... Then you are forced to sit there and think about what is coming your way, and at that point what is inevitable. And just like when you are sitting there and waiting for a Loved One to arrive to you who is traveling, you feel powerless because all you can do is wait, all you can do is expect, and all you can do is Build Up The Anticipation. And that last part, Build Up The Anticipation, is why you have Fear Of Death. Because in that time you are left to ponder what is going to happen, when is it going to happen, how is it going to happen, where exactly in your house and life this murderous disaster will take place. Also how much of you, your loved ones, your resources will it take this time around? And when your mind, emotions and imagination are left to wonder about a disaster, then they build up Fear to the utmost, and that is why you become so deathly afraid when a giant disaster like this is coming your way.

Also do not forget that Mother Nature has been conditioning you, she has been showing you through the News Media, through your neighborhood, through your family members who lost their lives; all that she can do in an instant with a Hurricane, a Mudslide, a Flood, an Earthquake, a Tsunami. And now is the time, for you to start to take control of Anticipation, which is your worst enemy in forcing You to have great Fear Of Death. And so you must, with all your might, start to say to yourself: Whatever come, let it be. If it is my time to die, then it is. If today is the appointed day I am to return my soul back to the Maker, then gladly I do so. 

All because, you of all people know that, when it comes to a Fight, the battle is already lost or won before the first punch is thrown. Since to win is all about the mind preparation before hand, since the body will always follow the mind and do impossible things it is commanded to do. So Calm Your Nerves, So Control The Mind By Embracing Death As But A Pilot Or A Chauffeur, Whose Job Is To Transport You To Another Place. Nothing More And Nothing Less, Then You Beloved, Will Stop Having Fear Of Death.... Your Disaster Survival Advocate, James Dazouloute

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