Christmas Shopping... Why Do Your Loved Ones Need For You To Get This Right.

 Christmas Shopping...

You know that they need you, your love, your patience, your kindness, your attention to details, your worrying, and biggest of all - they need your gift giving heart. And that is because there is none like you, that is because within you they have found The Mother-Figure and The Father-Figure all put together. And please don't think that I am only talking about your children, but also your Spouse, but also your Lover who have come to rely on You and your tender loving care. You have built a reputation as the person who always knows just what everyone really wants and needs, and no matter what, you have always found a way to come through and surprise them with the best gifts ever. 

So, Christmas Shopping... Why Do Your Loved Ones Need For You To Get This Right? Because this year is the year that will make the difference, this year is the moment when that wonderful person you love so much is ready to evolve and step into the next dimension of their life. And you are The Prophet, you are The Emissary, and you are one of The Three Wise Kings / Queens whom God has sent to bear the very best gifts ever, just for this moment in time. And of course, your name will be immortalized as The Best Lover, The Best Spouse and The Best Parent. All because you have fulfilled your destiny and you have been able to procure the best Christmas Gift Ever.

So Just How Do You Proceed With Your Best Christmas Shopping For Your Loved Ones? Well you begin by lowering your pride of being a Know-It-All, and start to listen to your loved ones as to what they want and need for Christmas. Because some of them have been talking about that particular item all year long, while there are others who are young and have a very impressionable mind, and only want what The Commercials tell them, and of course not to forget the Senior Loved Ones who do not just want certain gifts but need that particular item in order for them to function in life. And so once you have listened, either all year long or just this month, you are now ready to begin your Christmas Shopping for those loved ones who are depending on You. 

Christmas Shopping? Because they only have You, and they need you to ask them, if you're not sure, to give you a list of 3 or 5 things that they would love, and then all you have to do is pick one of those great things that is within your budget and start getting to it. So no matter which one of those gifts you get on that list, they will be madly in love with you, because each one of those items that are on this list are their favorites. 

And now, all you have to do is to pay attention to  The Pre-Christmas Shopping Sales... All to help you to save money. After all, you do not have A Billion Dollars to spend, you only have your paycheck and a little bit of savings, so you have to give your loved ones their heart desire, but at the same time you do not want to end up deep in debt and then in a pit of depression. So Shop Smart as you do Your Christmas Shopping. James Dazouloute

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 Christmas Shopping...

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