Why You Must Give With All You Have Been Given.

Just Give... Because when you dropped down into this physical realm from the spiritual realm, you did not come with a car, or with gold, or with money, or even with friends. You came alone as a Spirit and then into a Body, and when you arrived here, you found all were prepared for you. And all you had to do was to go and get it. After all, this is what your human parents did for you, after copying it all from God. Because they prepared a room for you, a crib for you, clothes, milk, toys, and they even prepared a college education for you. And they gave you all that, without you having to pay for anything.

And so did God, when He prepared the earth for you and all the resources that you are now using. He did not ask you to pay for anything, nor did He ask you to contribute by bringing your own stuff with you. After all you could not have, because you did not create yourself. You did not give yourself your first breath, you did not even go out to meet your first spouse, because that spouse was created by God and then brought over to you. So please tell me: What Exactly Do You Really Own? What part of the Universe have you created and that you have the Title for, that you refuse to just give?

God said to you: To love your brother as you love yourself. 
And that partly meant that whatever you get from God, then you have to share with your brothers and sisters, and in doing that you are actually making God very happy for Him to give you more. And doing philanthropy work is all about that, all about giving back what God has given to you in over-abundance and beyond measure. And since you could never do anything for God directly, then all He asks you to do is to give to Him ( Kind of silly, since all is His already ) through your brothers and sisters. And then He'll be happy, and it's kind of life when you were 5 or 6 years old and you barely knew what money was, and it was Mother's Day. Then your Dear Mother gave you $5, and took you to the store to buy her something for Mother's Day. The money was never yours, the gift was really never yours, but you pleased your Dear Mother greatly when you gave back to her, through a gift, that she has already given to you that belonged to her.

So you see fellow Philanthropist, to just give is not a request or a favor, It Is Mandated. 
You must give to the needy, to the less fortunate. And here is the funny thing, you do not even have to give the best that you have, because what you do not even want anymore and consider junk is someone else 's great treasure. So you could actually just give the worst that you have, the things that you don't want any more, and the half-working things, all to your brother and sister. And God as well as society would be pleased with you. But if you want to give directly to God then you must give your very best to Him. Because He gave you His very best in the universe, in blessings, in the Earth's resources, in great health, in kind favors, in His Only Begotten Son, in wonderful mercy, and in magnanimous grace. So Just Give... Your Charity Advocate, James Dazouloute

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