Why No One In The World Can Ever Be Like The Love Of Your Life.

NO ONE IN THE WORLD.. Can ever be like the Love of my life, because in my eyes and in my little world, that's my Baby, my greatest love of all, my partner for life. And this is exactly how A Romantic Family ought to view each other, ought to always feel from the heart about each other, and how each one should dedicate his/her life to the perfection and elevation of each other. But as for me, I am gladly declaring that there is NO ONE IN THE WORLD like my Sweetheart, and never have been for me. Because I have always been in love with my baby, I have always been looking for my perfect half, I have always been hungry for the love of my life.

NO ONE IN THE WORLD... And No Other, Not for me, not now, not ever. No one can ever understand me so much, no one can even put up with me for a week - much less years. And now that I have finally found My Uniqueness, I am joyful for such great treasure, I am elevated by such gift of love, and I am amazed as to how lucky I am. And the funny thing to me, is that Life makes me feel like I can do no wrong by giving me the most perfect love of all, My Wonderful Baby, My Loving Sweetheart, My Great Friend, My Uniquely Wonderful Sweetheart. 

NO ONE IN THE WORLD.. Not ever, not now, not in the future, not in this lifetime and not even in this eternity... Because the Love Of My Life is mine, and in my eyes - perfect and innocent. And if ever the wicked demon of doubt every tries to deceive me, I will defend myself violently, because I will never, ever allow my heart to question the fierce love of my baby, nor will I ever allow my mind to forget just how great and perfect we are for each other. And so I am pushing through with fervency and with purpose, because I know that there is no one in the world like my Love Angel, nor there ever will be. So now I am full, now I am ready to meet My Maker, now I am all that I ever want to be...  And now this is how, You Too Beloved, can know that no one in the world can be like the love of your life... You Romance Advocate, James Dazouloute


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