Why Do So Many Stars Worship The Devil. By James Dazouloute

The Devil... Why Do So Many Stars Worship Satan? And Why Is It That, As Soon As One Star Is Snuffed Out, A New Young One Is Risen Up To Only Be Destroyed Later On As Well? Well Beloved, to begin with, you have to understand and remember the old saying: ""The Greatest Trick The Devil Ever Used Was To Convince The World He Did Not Exist"". And so with this great deception, then the masses are shown how to have fun, all the while being indoctrinated. The youth is taught to have fun now, and do whatever feels good to you, because no one can judge you since that is God's Job (But We are to reign and judge with God). And so the young inexperienced minds are always shown the Flipped Side Of The Coin first, by making everything look so innocent, so pleasurable, and so common that Everybody Is Doing It, and so should You. But later on, comes the Destruction of the mind and then easily the body.

So, The Devil... Why Do So Many Stars Worship Satan? The First Response To That Is: Desire To Be Famous
Desire is the beginning of the path toward the dark side when it is for Vanity. While Desire in itself is a righteous attribute, because you can have Desire to want to please God, a Desire to take care of your parents, a Desire to pray for and be shown a Cure for a disease, a Desire for others to be Enlightened (Like I have for You right now). But more often than not, Desire is used by Humans for Vanity and for wicked things. And this is why the Aspiring Stars wish to be Famous. They wish to become like God and be adored and worshipped by many, just like the original sin of Adam. 

So The Stars unknowingly, At The Beginning, are pledging their allegiance to The Devil, just by wishing with all their heart - all their might - and strength To Be Famous, To Have Fortune, To Be The Sexiest, To Be The Trend Setter.... AT ALL COSTS, or Whatever It Takes. And this is why it never fails, for at the beginning, a Young Lady or Young Man, will begin their singing careers or movie careers as plain and innocent as they could be. But in their heart are wishing for Vanity, for Fame, for Adoration, for Big Money... But Never For God to be Glorified, or Never To Elevate Mankind toward the path of Enlightenment. And soon afterward, you will see The Transformation beginning to take place IN: Their Dressing, Their Speech, Their Behavior, Their Lifestyle, Their Speech Pattern, Their Vulgarity... And do You remember?: Madonna, Beonce, Toni Braxton, Charlie Sheen, Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Van Halen, Meatloaf, Jay-Z, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, Miley Cyrus, and many others.. And You Will See Their Transformation

Third Reason Why So Many Stars Worship Satan?  For Pleasure.
Since deep down inside all Human Beings are inherently wicked (Ever since Adam and Eve turned their back on God to fulfill their Desire to become Like God), so it is only natural for people wanting Great Fame and Fortune, to also want Elaborate Pleasures. And you have witnessed how Pleasure has quickly destroyed The Stars, because that is how The Devil and his many agents work. Make it Fun and Innocent and Enjoyable at first, then you get hooked by thinking that nothing is wrong with it, and then you want more and more, and finally Become Addicted. And once you're addicted to Fame, To Fortune, to Pleasure, to Sex, to Drinking... Then there is nothing you won't do, there is no limit to how far you won't go, and there is no wicked lifestyle you won't adopt.

Another Reason Why So Many Stars Worship Satan: Integration Of The Masses.
Who make you Famous, the masses. Who make you millions? the masses of people. Who will flicker a light at your concert? the masses of fans. Who will stand in the rain for a week in front of a store just to get your next album? the ignorant and unlearned masses. Now Think About This, if you were The Devil, would you waste plenty of times at trying to turn one person at a time, or would you try to get as many as you can in one place, and then perform your trick? Of course you would do the latter because that is what Salesman do, and so this is why Television, Internet, Movies, Sitcoms, Radio, are all used to attract the Non-Vigilant Masses who are not doing what Jesus Christ told them: To always be on the look out for The Devil, because he is a roaring Lion prowling about seeking whom to devour. And that Lion always appears as a Lamb at first, waiting to be played with, begging you to prance around with it, and showing it is all innocent and is completely dependent on You. Then....
The Devil... Why Do So Many Stars Worship Satan? For Destruction Of Body And Mind Of All.

For that has always been the agenda of The Devil ever since the garden of Eden, because his goal was to get the father of Mankind as far away from God as possible so he could have his way. And you see this all the time Beloved, how A Star will begin their career looking youthful, looking vibrant, looking radiant, looking so pure and innocent, looking so prude. Then the agents of Satan whom he has already placed in positions of Great Power and Influence, since this is his world and kingdom for now, will use those Leaders to begin the transformation of that Star. And so the next time you see Him or Her, you will begin to see a change in their next music video, a change in their next movie role, a change in their next album, a change in their next clothing line, a change in Sexual Affiliation, a change from The Peace Sign or The Cross Sign to The Underworld Many Signs, a change in their next award attendance. 


And they will be told to push the envelope, do something shocking, do something grossly different, and why? Because their followers by then are worshipping them as God, and will do whatever they do to become just like Those Stars, to connect with them, to be made in the image of that Star. So if Tattoos are what that Star has, then so will the followers get them. If a new pair of Sneakers is what the Star has, then many will run out and pay over $400.00 for that sneaker to, just to belong. If Body Piercing is the new fad, so will the masses run out and get them as well. If worshipping The Devil in plain sight by Holding Up Signs and doing Gestures, then so will the followers hold up their hands and demonstrate the figure of Baphomet, the figure of the Pyramid, the figure of The Eye, the figure of the Pitch Fork, the figure of The Cross Upside Down.... BUT, the masses will think it is all fun, it's all hip, it is all nice to belong, it is great to join up with The Stars, Their Idol. And this is why you see that The Politicians who do not agree with many things, are forced to pass laws that The Masses want, which really is what The Devil Wanted all along. And then God is kicked out of His Own Kingdom, out of the mind and heart of His Own Creation, out of The Earth... AS IF THIS WOULD EVER BE POSSIBLE.... 

So Now You Have It Beloved, now you know why The Stars Worship Satan, or The Devil... But Not You? But Never You? Only if you draw and stay close to God, then He will uphold You and protect you from The Great Evil. Since you need the encouragement and the understanding to deal with all the wickedness that is taking place in The Land. You still need to be the one who is not touched by The Great Evil, and though 10,000 may fall by your side, You Will Stand Firm In The Lord... Your Spiritual Advocate, James Dazouloute




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