Why Cook Thanksgiving Dinner Using Solar Energy

Thanksgiving Food, Solar Thanksgiving Grid Free Cooking. And I know that you care deeply about the environment as well as trying to keep the earth clean from pollutant, and cooking your thanksgiving food for your loved ones must be done. And yes, with thanksgiving food cooking you can easily use solar power. Especially during these tough times when your energy bills are high, and yet your income is shrinking daily. And you already know that the the Sun is the great nuclear power source and it is not going to end any time soon. So you might as well start to learn to use this power source that God has given to you for free, and prepare some of your thanksgiving food.

And one way to begin Solar Power is to begin buying your solar panels along with your converters, that can deliver power to your cooking pots, to your heating elements so that your foods could be prepared chemical free. And as much as the rest of the world think that we will always have trees around to cut down and use as a burning power source, I know that you are way too smart to fall for this, since you can see that Erosion is taking place everywhere, as well they are cutting down all the forests. And on top of that, let's not forget that they are yanking all the coals out of Mother Earth, and so you will not have any burning coals to use. But the one constant power source that you will have is The Sun, and you can use it as the gift that was given to you by God.

Also, just remember that Mother Nature wants to reconnect with You, as well The Sun and The Moon want to join you and help you out while you are down here on Earth as a Traveler. And that is why they are all at your service, and giving you part of themselves daily. And also they all contribute in feeding you, they all help you to grow food, to keep your body healthy, and this is why you have to begin with Solar Thanksgiving Grid Free Cooking. Because you have to get off The Human Grid and get on God's Grid or Mother Nature's Grid, and even The Universe's Grid so you could continue on living Cancer Free and Nuclear Power Free from Humans.

And you my friend deserve a badge of honor, because you are doing what you can to help the environment, mother earth, and at the same time you are getting great thanksgiving food being cooked naturally. Your Solar Energy Advocate, James Dazouloute


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