Why Are Sweets So Bad For Your Teeth And Health.

Love Sweets? Of course you do, and so does everyone else at one time or another, whether as a treat, or a little well-deserved desert, or a little soft drink, or even as a little Pick-Me-Up. So a little bit of sweets are good for you and everyone around you, but not for your health and the great body that you are trying to have and maintain pain and disease free. Since Sweets  or sugar, or glucose are all around you, and within everything that you put in your mouth. So even when you're not even trying, sweets come looking for you and are ready to become one with you and make you rich with them. And so what you have to do is be very mindful of the love that you have for sweets because here are some of the very bad things that they do to your health:

Love Sweets! But a way they are destroying your health: Bad Teeth.
Ever since you were little and you started going to the Dentist, you discovered that when he pressed against your back teeth, it all became very painful. And that is because of the great amount of ice creams that your Dear sweet Mother used to allow you to have, also there were the sweet candies that your Grandmother used to bring for you every time she used to come visit you. So you got your first Cavity in your teeth because of your love for sweets, and now that you are an adult, you have rows and rows of cavities within your teeth, and the holes that the sweets created now have fillings where your beautiful white teeth used to be. And now each and every time you are around important people and are having a good laugh, everyone has to now be subjected to that array of silverware within your mouth.

Another way sweets are bad for your health: Diabetes
You have heard it time and time again, having way too much sweet or glucose within your bloodstream will cause you to be diabetic. As well you already know that this disease will cause you to lose your legs, and even your eyesight. So you have to do whatever it takes to not become a diabetic because of so much glucose or so many sweets. But when I say sweets, I do not just mean candy, or ice cream, I also mean watch-out for the juices that you consume, or the amount of rice or corn that you eat, and even way too much sweet fruits. Because they all have the potential to make you diabetic.

Love Sweets... Then beware of this: Extreme Weight Gain.
Ask anybody who is 100 to 600 pounds overweight, and they will all tell you that they love sweets, they love to eat, they love carbohydrate. So you have to be very careful of the deserts that you love to consume, and you have to be aware of just how much juice you consume. As well how many glazed doughnuts you take in, or how much soda you actually drink. And even how often you eat every single day of your life. Because all these combination of sweets being consumed many times a day, will put on so much bad weight on you so fast, as well cause such a spike of glucose in your bloodstream, that you will become like The Blob.

So if you love sweets, you can see how they are gathering and plotting to destroy you. And you can see that they sucker you into feeling good at first, and then sap the little bit of energy that you have left. Which then make you depressed, and then you come back full circle and look for more sweets to eat. Which are bringing diseases to your body, as well as are out to destroy the little bit of good health you have left. So starting today, begin to cut-out the heavy sweets in your life, such as: Sodas, Ice cream, cookies, juices, and anything else that is full of great amounts of empty calories.  Your Health Advocate, James Dazouloute 

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